6 Must Learn Programming Languages in 2021 to Secure Your Job

In 2021, we need a programming language and its support to run even the most basic function of our lives. Technology is running the roost and it is time to embrace them fully. However, it is also high time to forego outdated languages and acquire new skills.

Programming languages are the backbone of software development and they control the way an application turns out in terms of performance, look and functionality. Due to improved technology, we are introduced to new features in programming every year and some languages even become obsolete.

As a prudent software developer, we must keep a track of what are the trending programming languages and how can we update ourselves with them.

In this article, we will discuss about the 6 most trending programming languages in 2021 to give you an overview.

Programming is an ever-changing field with updates, changes and new versions coming up every year. A good developer keeps up with changing technology because of the following reason.

Every year Stack Overflow carries out a survey specifying the most sough-after languages for the upcoming year. The results for 2020 are a follows –

6 must learn Programming languages in 2021 –

R Programming 
C/C++ Programming
Java Script


Python remains as popular in 2021 as it was in the beginning of the decade. Due to its easy readability and simple syntax, it still remains the favorite of beginners in coding. Especially after the influx of AI and data science, python has become even more relevant.

Some of the reasons why Python is the top-most language in 2020 are –

  • PREFERRED BY DATA SCIENTISTS: It is considered the holy grail of data science. It has been the most use cases of artificial intelligence and makes data analysis easy with its simplicity.
  • OPEN-SOURCE AND RICH LIBRARY: It is the oldest open-source programming language and has a mature library. There isn’t a query which hasn’t already been solved in Python (well, almost).
  • SUPPORT OF COMMUNITY AND BIG-WIGS: Python has the support of a worldwide collaborative community. You can get all your queries answered on many forum and pages. It is also backed by Google which is where data literally began. This fact makes it even more reliable for big data.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Python makes coding simpler. It reduces redundancy in steps and the number of loops. It is as good as reading and simplifies programming for a beginner. These features make it ideal for beginner and for complex data science algorithms.

Learn Python

  • R Programming Language

R is the most popular language for data science. Originally designed by statisticians, it makes simplification of big data easier. If you’re looking for a career in 2020, R is a must-learn.

Here’s a look at why R will remain a top language in 2020.

  • IMPORTANT FOR DATA SCIENCE: R is a hot cake in the field of data science. It runs without a compiler and can carry out calculations with the help of vector. These features make it indispensable for the growth of big data.
  • OPEN-SOURCE: It is open source and can be distributed to the users with any kind of modification. It I great for visualization and is in great demand by developer for the same reasons.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBLE: You can use R to run on various platforms and software/hardware. It helps in reducing development time and cost. 
  • LUCRATOVE CAREER OPTION: With the advent in data science, R is a great assurance for a great career.

Learn R Programming 

  • C/C++

C/C++ have been the foundation programming language of most first-generation coders. Due to its versatility and power, it still remains a top language in 2020. If you’re proficient at C/C++, you will never run out of employment opportunities.

Why learning C/C++ is a great idea even in 2021-

  • GREAT LIBRARY SUPPORT: C/C++ has STL (Standard Template Library) which has components regarding algorithm, containers, iterators and functions. Due to its library support, one can write codes in a compact and quick manner.
  • LARGE COMMUNITY: C/C++ is a mature language and is nurtured by experienced mentorship of a large and supportive community. As a beginner, you will find an answer to all of your queries at any online forum, tutorial, book or videos.
  • HIGHLY SCALABLE: If your dream is to work in graphic and gaming oriented apps, it is important for you to learn C/C++. It is known to be scalable and is ideal for resource heavy apps.

Learn C/C++ 

  • JavaScript:

JavaScript is everywhere, literally. From your mobile phone to your web browser, everything you depend on is built on JavaScript. It is one of the first front-end or client-side language and has led the development of other languages like AngularJS, Node.js etc.

It promises great career opportunities in the years to come.

Here are few more reasons why you should learn JavaScript in 2021-

  • EASY TO SETUP: Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript requires almost no setup. It works on your browser, so if you want to begin learning it right now, you can. You don’t need any other installation; just your internet browser and program editor is enough.
  • FUN TO LEARN: It’s primarily a front-end language. You won’t have to deal with a string of characters on a blue screen all the time. You can dabble with animation, graphic and interactive UIs as you learn JavaScript.
  • EASY TO DEBUG: Bugs are the spoilsport in any programming language. In JavaScript, you have a fairly simple feedback loop which helps you debug your code easily. You can run your code on the browser and get instant results. Thus, debugging is simpler and faster.
  • BACKED BY GIANTS: Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn – these are just some of the names that have JavaScript embedded in their code. Their performance vouches for its efficiency as well the job opportunities this field offers.

Go is the lovechild of C and Python. It is a general purpose programming language developed by Google which follows complied languages like C++ and it’s easy to read with a syntax like that of Python.

This combination makes it user-friendly and power-packed.

  • MODERN LANGUAGE: Golang is one of the latest programming languages and is built keeping in mind the challenges faced by coders. It supports cloud computing which is the future of technology and simplifies complex tasks with simple syntax.
  • IT IS CONCURRENT: It helps developers reduce coding time as it supports concurrent processes. It has built-in concurrency with the presence of goroutines and principal support is provided by garbage collector.
  • GREAT FOR CROSS-PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT: Cross-platform development is the need of the hour. Go was built with the aim of making it usable across many platforms. It has in-built features that simplify cross-platform development and has many tutorials and documents dedicated to this cause.
  • RAPIDLY GROWING COMUNTIY: Despite it being new in the coding world, it has created a network of knowledgeable and reliable community. There is a lot of material available on GitHub, various online forums and tutorials. You can easily pick the language on Go Tour.

Typescript is a superset of JavaScript and was developed by Microsoft. It is loved by programmers because it makes bugs almost negligible with its in-build debuggers. It has made its place in the front-end developing world and around 80% of the developers already want to learn Typescript next.

Here’s why you should also learn TypeScript it in 2020-

  • SIMPLER ALTERNATIVE TO JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript was an ideal solution when the internet ran on a web browser. With the introduction of IoT, we need our languages to be simple and dynamic. TypeScript helps in coding dynamic and responsive application with simplicity and ease.
  • LESSER BUGS: As we have already discussed, it has in-built debug tools and extensions which makes debugging a simpler. As a result, you can have a lot of time of your time which was earlier spent on debugging.
  • OPEN-SOURCE: It is open-source and you can always get the help you need. Their team released frequent official documentation which can help you get your queries checked.


2021 will be the year of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, simple syntax and interactive UIs. .

Coding language like Python and R will continue to rule the roost and the job market.

Mobile application development is also a field which would require job applicants to know cross-platform languages like Android, Golang, flutter etc.

Besides these, a job seeker must be fully aware of algorithms, UIs and the type of updates coming in the market. If you would like to learn more about such languages, feel free to contact us.

Until then, happy coding.