How AWS is a perfect upgrade to start a career in Cloud technology?

How AWS is a perfect upgrade to start a career in Cloud technology?
How AWS is a perfect upgrade to start a career in Cloud technology?


Are you battling with the chicken-and-egg conundrum in trying to launch your Cloud career? For experience, you need a job, but there is no job without experience. 

When hiring a cloud professional, most organizations demand years of past experience making the journey of a newbie all the more challenging.

So how can you get your first break with zero Cloud experience? Will a Cloud certification appear as your savior? Yes, if you choose the right one and use it in the right way. 

Career Scope in Cloud Computing 

In today’s IT world, starting a career in Cloud technology will give you a promising future. If we go by Statistics, Cloud computing has attained a market size of 250.04 billion dollars in 2021. Fortune Business Insights reveals that the market size for cloud is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17.9% helping it to reach 791.48 billion dollars by the year 2028. 

90% of the companies worldwide are now on the Cloud, and the majority of them are spending one-third of their IT budget on cloud-based services. So Cloud technology is here to stay for many years, and demand for Cloud-related skills will only grow at an exponential rate. 

One big step toward starting a cloud career is doing a Cloud certification and the best certification is AWS for Cloud Computing beginners.

Why do you need a Cloud certification in the first place?

Trying to get a job with knowledge of Cloud computing without certification is akin to knowing how to fly a plane but not having a pilot’s license. A Cloud certification will be the best career upgrade for Cloud enthusiasts. I tell you why.

1. It makes your resume stand out

Let’s assume that you are in an interview. There are hundreds of other applicants having the same qualification as you. Why the interviewer will select you and not the others? This is exactly where Cloud certification comes into play. Talking about your cloud certification will make a big difference. The interviewer will see that you have good knowledge of various cloud services and practiced them well. So if you do well enough in an interview and have Cloud certification, your chances of cracking that interview are high. 

2. Shows your dedication to your work

Software engineers can make a career switch to Cloud by doing a certification in it. Entry-level IT or Cloud professionals can also expect a promotion or at least a hike in their salary by doing a Cloud certification as it shows a greater commitment to their roles. 

Also, a Cloud certification will be helpful to you if you want to get a foreign job as Cloud certification is recognized internationally. 

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Why choose AWS Cloud Certification?

Let us first discuss what is AWS before going into the details of why the best Cloud certification is AWS for the Cloud freshers. Amazon Web Service or AWS is Amazon’s cloud platform that supports more than 100 on-demand cloud services. Individuals and organizations can use these web services like computing power, databases, storage, security, and more on a subscription basis. 

Features that make AWS the God of Cloud certification are:

1. AWS is cost-effective to individuals as well as businesses. 

2. According to Gartner, AWS is growing 10 times faster than its key competitors like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platform. So AWS is the Best Cloud certification to start a career in Cloud technology

3. AWS is far more secure than its competitors since AWS now has several data centers that are routinely inspected and carefully maintained, and they have attempted to make their database centers as inconspicuous as possible.

4. Clearing AWS certification is easier than other Cloud certifications. This is because AWS provides more documentation, white papers, and instructor-led training courses than any other AWS certification

5. According to PayScale, if you consider salaries across all Cloud roles then AWS certification has the upper hand over Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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To wrap it up, Cloud computing has got a very bright future. A Cloud certification is a must for every Cloud aspirant and AWS is the best in the business which can open up new and lucrative avenues for both Cloud beginners and pros.

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