What is a data scientist’s career path?

What is a data scientist's career path
What is a data scientist's career path

It is not an unknown fact anymore that today’s generation’s economy is increasingly changing positions toward analytics & data-driven solutions and decisions. As a result, groups, industries & governments have expended recent years in obtaining & mining enormous amounts of data.

Therefore, nowadays, data scientists play a very significant role in the prosperity or downfall of any institution. It is rightfully said that there is a data scientist behind every massive prosperous company.

Recent Job Growth Statistics in Data Science Careers

In 2021 alone, 137,000+ available jobs were accessible in the area of data science. There was a stunning 47% development in analytical employment compared to the previous year. 

These statistics indicate the development & demand for data science experts across various business realms, geographical locales, and even experience ranges. With more groups accepting data-based explanations, it is anticipated that people will witness an upward trend in the pressure for data science employment. 

What Are the Different Career Paths for Data Scientists?

Data science is a wide field that beholds a variation of several ways and career choices within it. As a result, it’s relatively typical for people to be bewildered or not convinced about what each position is about or which career path is more desirable for them. 

Following are some of the best career paths for the ones pursuing data science. 

Data Analyst 

This position is generally considered the “Entry level” in the data science profession. A Data Analyst’s position is to obtain data from different sources, evaluate its patterns & present it to stakeholders spontaneously. 

Data Scientist 

DJ Patil, an American mathematician and computer scientist, clarified the part of a data scientist as “A unique blend of skills that can both unlock the insights of data and tell a fantastic story via the data.” Data scientists furthermore architect & build deep learning or machine learning models for revelation, uncover patterns and trends in data, visualise data, and pitch in with marketing techniques.

Data Manager 

Data Managers are accountable for creating & managing strategies around data as per the specifications derived from the Data Architects. Their major emphasis is to establish & stock data with scrutiny of security and confidentiality. Data Managers operate hard to guarantee that information progresses timely and securely to and from the group as well as within.

Data Architect 

Data architects build a blueprint for all the data management networks. The corporation’s every system & infrastructure associated with data requires it to be assembled and retained by specifying all feasible structural and installation explanations. Data architects are accountable for ensuring their company’s data explanations which are built for performance & scalability, and for constructing analytics for numerous platforms.

Business Analyst 

Business analysts almost pertain to Data analysts with basic differences in the direction they regulate and function. Business analysts are specialists in business realms, their purposes & processes; therefore, they evaluate & readily actionable understandings by diving deep into them.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are frequently one level below Data scientists. The main duty of an ML engineer is to compose code and establish data funnels & pipelines for Machine learning applications. 

Data Engineer

This is ultimately another extremely popular career path for a Data Scientist. A Data Engineer is accountable for establishing, nurturing & organising data pipelines that assist in giving rise to information accessible to data scientists at all times. They are furthermore accountable for establishing new & developed solutions to assist the high data complexity & variability. 

A career in data science is fascinating, fun, thrilling, forward-looking, and rewarding. Students just need to study in the best data science institutes like iClass Gyan Setu to acquire every bit of knowledge about data science.  


Is data scientist a good career path?

Yes, data science is a great career with a lot of room for advancement in the future.

What is a data scientist salary?

Despite a recent influx of newcomers, the median starting salary for a data scientist remains high at $95,000.