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Full Stack Development is a term used for referring to programming all-rounders.

Yes, a full-stack developer can handle it all – from coding the presentation or front-end layer to working on the server-side or back-end.

In our fast-paced world, we need more jack of all trades. A full-stack developer knows the in and out of the entire development process and introduces better insight into every activity. A full-stack developer is as relevant in 2020 as they were in the early 2000s.

Don’t believe this claim? Well, we have reasons to say that we’re right.


  • Great Demand – If you had a startup, would you hire one person who could handle the entire development process or different people for different layers? Most people would choose a one-an army. That’s what a full-stack developer is. With a growing number of startups, the demand for full-stack development is also growing.

  • Diversified Opportunities: A full-stack developer knows every part of the development process. Thus, he/she can easily absorb in any phase and remain resourceful. You can choose to specialize in one part and be a part of the bigger picture as a full-stack developer.
  • Great Salaries: With a career in full-stack development, you can be assured of financial security. As per PayScale, a full-stack developer earns an average of $75,000 in a year. As your experience expands, you can expect a rise in your pay scale too.

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What is Full Stack Development?

Yes, before we divulge into how to become a full-stack developer. Let us just explain what exactly full-stack development means.

full stack development

The complete development cycle of a web or application development process has the following main layers or phases:

  • Front-End/Presentation Layer/Client-Side: This is the graphical representation (GUI) of a website and includes navigation, web design, texts and images. As it includes the interaction aspect of the website, it is also known as the presentation layer or client-side. Front-end development requires a developer know to languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. 
  • Back-End/Business Layer/Server-Side: It is the admin part of web or application management. It doesn’t come in direct contact with the end-user but takes care of the functioning from backstage (or back-end). A back-end developer generally works with languages like PHP, Python, .net, Ruby etc.
  • Database Layer: Databases hold all the crucial information required for the development process. One needs to know about Oracle, MySQL and MongoDB etc.

How Can I Become a Full-Stack Developer?

  • Understand Different Stacks: A technology stack is a set of programming languages, tools and frameworks used in alignment with each other for the development and deployment of a website or an application. To become a full-stack developer, you need to know these techniques.

Some of the most important stacks in Full-stack Web development -

  1. MERN:  This is a stack-based on JavaScript technologies.
    MongoDB: A NoSQL Database which uses binary JSON format to store data.
    Express: A simple-to-use and light web program framework.
    React: It is a JavaScript library that helps in building the user interface.
    Node.js: A server-side JavaScript language.
  2. MEAN: It is a JavaScript-based stack that is popular because of its high speed and robust application.

MongoDB: A NoSQL Database which uses binary JSON format to store data.

Express: A light and portable web program framework.

Angular.js: A framework that utilizes HTML5 and JavaScript.

Node.js: A server-side JavaScript language

  1. Angular JS: A framework that utilizes HTML5 and JavaScript
    Java: A server-side language
  2. Angular.js: A framework that utilizes HTML5 and JavaScript
    dotNet: A server-side language

what do you need to be a full-stack developer

  • Learn Programming Languages: A full-stack developer needs to know multiple programming languages of both front-end and back-end. You must try and learn languages like HTML, CSS and Learn JavaScript for the front-end and PHP, Python, C++, Learn Node.js for the back-end.  Also, you must understand how to structure, design and test a project based on more than one languages. 

Learn Angular JS 

  • Learn Development Frameworks: Developmental frameworks are a collection of libraries and tools that help in structuring an entire application. Learn Spring Boot, Angular, Python Django, jQuery are some of the important frameworks that will help you in becoming an ace full stack developer. 
  • Understanding Application Architecture: An application architecture describes relationships between databases, user interfaces and middleware systems. A full-stack developer has to have a deep understanding of the working of the entire application. Thus, if you’re looking at a career in full-stack development, you must learn application architectures.
  • Know the Basics About Design: Today, web and application development is much more than just writing code. The design determines the user experience and thereby, the success of the application. So, a full-stack developer needs to have a basic knowledge of UI/UX design. 
  • Improve Communication Skills: This may come as a surprise tip to you but this is extremely important. As a full-stack developer, you will be responsible for the complete application development process. Hence, you must know how to communicate well with all the stakeholders involved.
  • Learn About Latest Technology: It is 2021 and the world of software development has changed drastically. There are new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence which are in vogue. As a full-stack developer, you must keep up with the changing times and learn about as many new technologies as you can.


The journey to becoming a full-stack developer cannot be completed overnight. But, with an analytical mind and passion for development, one can easily transform into a development ninja called a full-stack developer.

From a business perspective, full-stack developers will always be more beneficial. They’re the one-stop-shop for software development and are a cost-effective option. This makes full-stack development ideal for a fruitful career.

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Until then, happy coding!