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    Developers have access to a dizzying array of programming languages, making it difficult to concentrate on just one. The future scope of Python in India

    What is Machine Learning and How is it making our World a Better Place

    Well, to put it in simple words, machine learning is an extensively algorithm driven study which makes computer/device/software capable of learning on the basis of

    Difference between data science, data analytics and Machine Learning

    So, it’s 2021 and the word is spread about the Data boom. There are Tech Giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google constantly working in the

    What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which lets the machine to discover pattern from the data, draw insights and

    A deadly “CORONAVIRUS” in December 2019 appeared for the first time in Wuhan, China. This coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is rapidly spreading to other parts of

      Artificial Intelligence – A device takes in information, does some processing to complete the task successfully. A system that perceives information from the environment understands

    Why Python for Machine Learning? Let us begin with revealing a study for you. As per research, Python is the topmost programming language in 2019. 

    As per the recent LinkedIn survey, Data Scientist, Big Data Developer & Data Analytics are the most searched technologies in last 2 years. Read the

    The world runs on data. And, only an expert data scientist can make this humongous amount of data useful. As the human dependency on the