5 Basic Tips to be Superhero of Data Analytics Career: Career path

Data analytics is the hottest cake in the tech job market right now. Every business depends upon data for decision-making, process improvement and basic functioning. Data is the oil that fuels the tech economy and the world in general.

As per statistics,

  • By 2021, businesses driven by insights are likely to grab a profit of $1.8 trillion annually from those organizations that are not based on data.
  • Organizations based on data will acquire 23 times more customers than their counterparts.
  • By 2025, the amount and size of global data subject to data analysis will grow to 5.2 zettabytes.
  • Around 90% of business professionals admit that big data is crucial for their organization’s digital transformation.

From the above points and figures, we can safely conclude that the biggest asset for any business is data and those who can analyze it with meaningful insights will be the drivers of our economy in the near future.


If your interest lies in extracting insights from given information, simplifying complex problems and presenting solutions for decision-making, then, data analytics is the right career for you. It is a fascinating area of work and study which combines mathematical and analytical logic with programming knowledge.

Here are few reasons as to why you should consider it as a career –

  • ANYONE CAN DO IT: When we say anyone, we mean that there’s no entry barrier in terms of educational background as long as you have the aptitude for this job. There are many courses available, both online and offline, which can help you start your learning journey in the field of data analytics.
  •  IT IS IN DEMAND: Big Data and analytics is the most demanded expertise by 75% of IoT providers. And, 68% of them are unable to fill the skill gap with the right talent. The demand will grow even more as our world grows more digital. Hence, this is the career of the next decade.
  • IT IS MULTI-DISCIPLINARY: Big data and data analytics requires skills of various types. You could be a programmer with knowledge in Python and you will be a good fit for big data. You may be great in excel and statistics and you could play an important role in data analytics. There’s a space for one and all if you’re committed enough.

Owing to these facts, data analytics is in great demand among both job seekers and givers. Yet, there are few tips that you must know before you choose data analytics as your career. In this article, we will explore the things that you must know before getting into data analytics.

 Tips to Build a Career in Data Analytics


In simple words, data analytics is all about finding concrete, preferably numerical, insights from the chunk of big data available. Numerical conclusions give more weight-age to a fact and help people make a better presentation of a solution. Naturally, quantitative aptitude forms an important part of the data analytics profile.

If you’re planning to enter the world of data analytics, we suggest you brush up your fundamentals of high school mathematics. Derivatives, matrix, set theory, linear transformations are some of the concepts that will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Concepts from statistics are also extremely important for setting a right analytics foundation.

Similarly, presentation or data visualization forms an important part of data analytics role.

While tableau has become an important skill in data analytics career, Microsoft Excel is the basis of where analytics start. There are many organizations which still depend upon advanced excel for their basic analytics work. Nonetheless, Microsoft Excel helps you present your insight with crisp charts and meaningful tables.

So, before beginning your quest for data analytics job, try and revise these skills.


You may already be a pro-developer or a great statistician, you would still need a guide to get an entry into the world of data science. Many blogs and YouTube channels propagate the idea of self-learning with the help of their paid subscriptions. While it is a great idea for practicing your skills, you would end up with learning gaps.

A coach or a mentor in a well-structured course can help you network with the right people in the industry. You could have your queries solved in real-time. They are also always updated with latest technologies and developments. A course with the right instructors can also help you get good placements in the industry.


Data analytics is the union between programming and statistics. There are many roles where you can put your analytical and critical skills to use in this field. However, programming and coding still remain at its crux.

Even if you decide to stick to a role that requires least amount of coding, your knowledge of code would only help you navigate better in your career. The good news in that the most popular language in the world of data science is the simplest to learn – Python. It has a very simple syntax and is ideal for beginners.

Once you are inducted in the field of data science, you could always learn more advanced languages like R to improve your career prospects. Coding is as essential is learning ABC in today’s world and your knowledge would be beneficial for you at later stages.


If you thought you could crack your data analytics interview with your knowledge of excel and other tools like SQL and Hadoop, you’re in for a surprise. The world of data science and analytics is dependent on machine learning and its algorithms.

Everything around you works on a machine learning algorithm. From your food delivery app to your cab service, every data-driven application utilizes the intelligence of a machine learning algorithm. Not understanding them well would be detrimental for your future prospects.

At the entry-level, you might get away without knowing them thoroughly. But, as you progress in your career, you would be expected to understand the bigger picture. In such a scenario, your knowledge of ML and its algorithm will come into play. We suggest you to take out your books and revise the algorithms before you start you journey in data analytics.


You may have years of experience in IT or any other related field but if you’re starting out in data analytics, you will be considered a new entrant. Your previous experience will not prove any technical skill. Thus, you need something else to strengthen your resume.

Try to take up as many projects as possible to practice your learning.

You could make your profile on GitHub and showcase your work.

Also, try to look for courses that have enough project work in their syllabus.

Only theoretical concepts are not enough for analytics. Before joining a course, check their syllabus properly and ask how many hours are dedicated to projects.


Data analytics is not a time-bound bubble; it is the future of IT and the world, in general. It is only the wisest decision to jump n and learn more about data analytics to secure a great career in the times to come.

However, you must know what entails this decision before making it.

In this article, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a career in data analytics. If you have any other queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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