Do I need a degree to become a data scientist?

Do I need a degree to become a data scientist
Do I need a degree to become a data scientist

Data scientists are some of the top careers in India nowadays. However, an individual will require a mixture of education, technical, and workplace skills to evolve into a data scientist. 

What are the educational requirements? 

In most situations, an individual will require at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area to receive an entry-level job as a data scientist. Still, for several non-entry-level employment in the data science field, they will require a master’s degree. 


Several certifications can assist data scientists in their employment. A few of the top certifications for data scientists comprise:

  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist
  • IBM Data Scientist Professional Certificate
  • Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)
  • Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst
  • Dell EMC Data Scientist Track (EMCDS)
  • Tensor flow Data Scientist Certificate
  • Google Professional Data Analytics Certification

Which are the Skills to sharpen? 

If an individual wants to become a data scientist, they will be required to enhance both technical and workplace skills, as both are important for prosperity in this area.

What are the Technical skills?

Technical skills that an individual will require to understand to come to be a data scientist include:

  • Big data technologies like Hadoop, Casandra, Hive, Pig, and MapReduce
  • Multivariate statistics, such as regression principal components analysis and clustering
  • Data-driven predictive model development
  • Ruby, R. C++, Python, Matlab, Java, SAS, SQL, SPSS, PHP
  • Large datasets management utilising Teradata, Oracle, or SQL
  • Business intelligence equipment, for example, MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Business Objects. 

What are Workplace skills?

Being a data scientist implicates functioning with several varied software programs, people, computing languages, and data categories. Data scientists must always be eligible to comprehend the best direction to process data, evaluate it, and communicate the outcomes to several people. As an outcome, to prosper as a data scientist, all of the following workplace skills can be useful:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Communication skills
  • Persistence
  • Teamwork
  • Curiosity
  • Agreeableness
  • Articulation
  • Leadership

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Data science is the region of research that implicates understanding from all the data collected. 

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

An incredible means to get commenced in Data Science is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as data science, computer science, or statistics. It is one of the popular standards that corporations look at for hiring data scientists. 

Learn Relevant Programming Languages

While a Bachelor’s degree provides an individual with theoretical knowledge of the topic, it is crucial to brush up on related programming languages such as Python, SQL, R, and SAS. These are important languages when it comes to functioning with huge datasets. iClass Gyan Setu is one such excellent institute that provides various courses on data science and relevant programming languages. 

Learn Related Skills

In expanding to various languages, a Data Scientist should know a few tools for Data Visualization, Big Data, and Machine Learning. When functioning with big datasets, it is important to understand how to deal with them and clean, sort, and evaluate them.

Earn Certifications

Tool and skill-specific certifications are a considerable means to show a person’s knowledge and aptitude about their abilities. 


Internships are a great path to being hired the companies who are looking for data scientists. An individual must seek jobs with keywords like data analyst, statistician, business intelligence analyst, or data engineer. Internships are a great way to understand hands-on what the job entails.

Data Science develops data-driven business treatments and analytics by running optimization and modifying product improvement. Data scientists furthermore organize several functional committees to enforce models and monitor results.

What is the future scope of data scientists

With data being considered the prospective oil for institutions, analytics has evolved to be an engine that propels it to enter significant understandings. The influential mixture of both propels the outlook of data science. All across the world, institutions are innovating numerous techniques to restrain data and utilise this influential tool to navigate their businesses.

The intersection of huge data inflow and the necessity to curb this enormous quantity of data has jointly created a big job demand in data science. Particularly in a developing nation like India, there is an extent for enormous data-related undertakings such as data scientists, big data managers, data analytics, big data engineers, and data architects.


What degree do we require to become a data scientist?

What education is required for a data scientist? Most data scientist positions will necessitate a Bachelor’s degree.

So how do I get started in data science?

Earning a degree or certificate can be a great way to start any data science role.

How long will it take to learn data science?

It depends on your pace, but it is recommended that you give yourself at least six months before calling yourself a beginner data scientist.