How is the data science job market in the UK?

Can I go for a data science job at the age of 30
Can I go for a data science job at the age of 30

The United Kingdom is a great location to work if a person wants to be engaged as a data scientist. There isn’t a depletion of exciting job chances, and some of the best-known AI companies in the world are British. Deepmind, Benevolent AI, Oxbotica, FiveAI, and the Alan Turing Institute are some of the most prominent names in the domain that are domiciled in the UK.

How to Apply for a Data Scientist Job in the UK?

There are an estimated 1,000,000 data science and analytics experts in the UK as of 2020. So, it can firmly be mentioned that it’s certainly a popular career path in Britain.

So, how can a person start their job search?

Finding a job through recruiters is a common method in the UK. Yet, they might have to depend on applications through corporation websites and job boards if they don’t have any prior experience or are a fairly junior candidate. If they are wondering where to begin, they should make sure that they visit some of the most famous job board websites in the UK, such as- 

  • monster.UK, 
  • totaljobs, 
  • Indeed, and 
  • Adzuna. 

No matter if they select recruiter services or do their own search, if they are not British citizens, they should visit the gov.UK website where they can get familiar with the post-Brexit prerequisites and kinds of work visas they need. 

What Is the Data Scientist Salary in the UK?

According to reports, the typical data scientist’s earnings in the UK are 45,000 pounds. That’s based on a selection of 822 salaries, but the candidates should keep in mind that the reported earnings range is quite broad, between £30,000 and 70,000 pounds per year. A careful look at many reports would allow the candidates to see that enormous tech corporations tend to expend a much higher dividend than other companies offering field jobs.

What Are the Best Programming Languages for Data Science in the UK?

In terms of programming languages chosen by UK data scientists, likewise to what we see in most other nations, Python is in the lead. The second place is held by R, and SQL comes in third. However, according to the data, there are much rarer UK data scientists utilising Java.

How Many Years of Data Science Experience Is Required in the UK?

20% of experts became data scientists less than 2 years ago. And then another 29% listed between 2 and 3 years of experience. This demonstrates that people who operated as data scientists didn’t have decades of experience and a substantial number began in their recent position relatively soon.

What Are the Best Cities and Industries for Data Science in the UK?

A simple comparison on shows that London offers by far the most data scientist job options in the UK. The discrepancy with other main cities is significant. When it was searched, it indicated that there were 811 data scientist job openings in London, 45 in Manchester, 26 in Birmingham, 18 in Leeds, and only 12 in Glasgow. So, that’s something the candidates should bear in mind if they want to be a data scientist – the number of options London proposes is remarkably higher. 

London is one of the most important economic centres in the world. Still, when it comes to top enterprises for data science, the numbers showed that most people operating as data scientists in the UK work in Technology and IT – a whole 60%! Approximated to that number, fewer data scientists are engaged in Finance – a modest 16%. Still, the domain is rapidly evolving. 

Possibly the finance industry hasn’t caught up to the chances data science can offer; over time, the comparable percentage of finance-employed data scientists will boost to cure that.