Top 6 Programming languages to learn for Industrial Training

Nowadays, industrial training is considered to be very important for shaping the future of individuals. Industrial training is one of the best ways for putting all the classroom knowledge into valid practice sessions.

Practice sessions would help the individuals to create and understand their own niche in their own fields of experience. It helps the individuals to gain a kind of professional experience as well as discover a real kind of world. These kinds of industrial training can be taken from many large as well as medium and small companies.

Through this, individuals can also get exposure to various kinds of professional networks. The experience received through industrial training can be put up in the resume later on. The industrial training programs also help the individuals in gaining their confidence. Individuals can gain knowledge, experience as well as skills through these programs.

Basically, if the individuals are from a technical background or from a Computer science background, they are recommended to take up a program of 6 different tools for a total time period of 6 weeks.

Top 6 Programming Languages to learn for Industrial Training:-

(1) C programming 

This is a very important tool that would help individuals to understand the declaring variables, preprocessor statements and arithmetic operators. The individuals can also learn the process of handling the characters through the medium of loops such as the while loop or for a loop. The data conversion techniques, as well as data structures, can also be learned through this technology.

They can also learn how to handle the user input as well as validate it. They can learn specific details about the low-level language support features from this program which are as similar as the assembly language features.

These programs are also very much portable and can be run on any kind of compilers. The most important thing that can be learned through this program is the manipulation of the operators.

(2) C ++ programming

Individuals can learn about the unique task of the encapsulation of an object through the C ++ programming industrial training. They can also learn about the concepts of constructors as well as destructors through this technique.

Other techniques such as initialization, associations, composition, aggregation, interface, inheritance, etc. can be learned through this program. Other than that the individuals can learn about templates and object designs too through this program.

The object-oriented programming features are being provided by this program. The facilities related to the manipulation of low–level memory are also provided by this program. This program has influenced various other programs related to Java program as well as C programming.

(3) Python Analytics:

This technique would help the individuals to understand the various python loops, data types, strings, tuples and This program also provides packages related to debugging as well as database access.

Some other tools and techniques that can be learned through this program are socket programming, multithreading, XML processing, etc. It is a high-level interpreted programming language that needs to be learned by the individuals compulsorily. This program enables the process of clear programming through the medium of constructs at both small as well as large scales.

(4) Core and Advanced Java:

This program would provide all the packages related to conditions, loops, data types, class loaders, etc. This program consists of the most sought-after packages related to Java which includes polymorphism, arrays, SQL database, multi-threading, XML and JSON, etc.

Core Java is very easy as well as flexible to learn and understand well. Java is based on an object model due to which it can be easily extended too. It also helps in eliminating all those codes which are prone to errors.

Core Java is a very secure kind of program which is free of virus or malware. On the other hand, Advanced Java consists of the advanced methods related to the programming skills of Java, classes as well as other programmatic flows.

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(5) Big Data Hadoop:

Various kinds of techniques such as Kafka, Flume, Sqoop, Hive, Pig, etc. can be learned by the individuals through this technique. The technique of data processing through Apache Spark can also be learned through this program along with core Java as well as SQL.

This is also an open-source framework that also consists of the feature of fault tolerance. A huge amount of data can be stored easily in the Hadoop stores. It is a completely scalable as well as a flexible platform too which can be used easily by individuals. This program is also preferred due to its reliability features as well as high availability.

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(6) Android Development:

This is one of the most important programs which should be learned by the individuals compulsorily while on an industrial training program.

This program would teach them about various techniques related to the android menu, layout manager, Java string methods, adaptor, data storage, android service, etc.

Advantages of industrial training:

There are many advantages that can be listed for a 6-week industrial training program. Some of the major reasons are as below:

  • Practical Knowledge: 6 weeks of industrial training allows the person to see, touch and feel what exactly is happening in the field. It any be any industry, only practical knowledge enables the person to understand things in deep and better.
  • Dodge practical difficulty: Being in the industry for 6 weeks, you may see various practically faced problems and you will also learn how to dodge these problems and find solutions when you start working.
  • Learn new techniques: A keen observation of the process and working style at the place of visit enables the person to think out of the box and find new solutions and new ways to proceed the process
  • Analyzing skill: This industrial training increases the analyzing skill of the candidate as the process and procedures will be watched keenly and also helps in a better analysis.
  • Self-analysis: By working in different sections within 6 weeks, it helps the candidates themselves to find out their role of specialization to choose the right path and role.
  • Choosing the right career: It also helps in analyzing the true potential of the person and to choose the right career to excel.
  • Familiarize: The candidate can familiarize themselves with multiple options and roles available in the industry and also helps in enhancing their knowledge
  • Professional skills: It enables to understand the professional and technical skills required to be in that particular industry and helps in acquiring the skills at a lesser amount of time.
  • Broad-spectrum: It enables a broad view on the industry than a regular narrow ‘job’ oriented view. This will add value to the resume and motivated to move further and higher.
  • Analyze the need: It allows to analyze what exactly is expected out of that person and work accordingly.
  • Problem-solving skills: It improves problem-solving skills and also showcases one’s true potential.
  • Practical experience: Any industrial training adds a feather to the cap as it involves actual practical working in the field. This adds an extra star to the resume.
  • Job opportunity: It opens a wide range of job opportunities either at the same company where the industrial training was done or even at a better company.

There are various reasons due to which these 6 different tools have been included in the industrial training program. The reasons are given below:

  1.  Most of these programs consist of a kind of hierarchical language structure that would help the individuals in becoming successful programmers in the mere future.
  2.  Most of the paradigms related to computer science, the industry as well as technology or engineering can be learned through the 6 different tools included in the program.
  3.  Many latest kinds of software which are implemented in the daily utilized technical programs can be learned through these tools during the industrial training.
  4.  Most of these tools are completely flexible and easy to learn and utilize in the mere future.

So, the individuals can opt for these 6 different tools for the 6-week industrial program for their own future benefits. In today’s world, learning and practicing through the medium of industrial programs have become really important especially for those individuals who are willing to pursue their career in the technical line in the future.