IT sector has become India’s identity in the post-globalization era. It has contributed to the growth of the Indian economy by providing some of the highest-paying IT jobs.

There were speculations that it will soon become stagnant. It is clear the IT is here to stay in India and the entire world.

With the increase in the use of IoT and smartphones, the scope of a career in information technology has increased.

Our lives run on computer programming and there’s a team of software engineers making it possible. This dependency will increase with time and so will the demand of software developers and engineers.

Data science and artificial intelligence have become a huge part of our functioning and have given rise to a huge number of jobs in big data.

Thanks to big data, the demand for analytics along with software skills has grown in number.

As the world becomes more and more mobile, the amount of data will accumulate and there will always be a need for those who can extract insights from it.

In this article, we will discuss some of the highest-paying IT jobs prevalent in 2021.

But, before that, let’s divulge into why the IT sector should be your career of choice:-

  • EVER-GROWING INDUSTRY: Information technology is the only sector that keeps on increasing in scope and has adopted new dimensions into its folds. Big data, app development, UI designing are some of the new career options that have emerged in the IT sector and there’s no stopping them.
  • GOOD SOURCE OF INCOME: IT sector is known for providing some of the highest paying jobs in the modern world. The right set of expertise, valid certifications, and experience can ensure you good pay in this field.
  • GLOBAL EXPOSURE: Information technology has helped in eliminating international boundaries – both by its functions and scope of work. A project started in the USA could have a team of developers working for them in India. This has helped in making the world borderless in its truest form. 
  • LOW COST OF ENTRY: You don’t always need an engineering degree to start your career in IT sector. There are various certifications and courses available where you can learn the basics and start your journey into the field of information technology. Most successful developers and software engineers have started their journey with a singular language and have gone on to handle complex projects.
  • HIGH-DEMAND IN MNCs: A software developer, engineer, or IT professional is required in every industry today; especially in multi-national corporations. Your proficiency in IT can land you a job in any prolific MNC like TCS, Infosys, Accenture or IBM. You can also get a job in any other non-IT organization too as every company needs IT support.

If you believe IT is only about programming and development, then you must change your mind in 2021.

Moving on, let us speak about some of the highest-paying jobs in the IT sector

  • Big Data Engineer 

  • Data Scientist 

  • Software Engineer 

  • Cloud Engineer 

  • Mobile Application Developer 


Often confused with a data scientist, this role has become huge in the past few years. A big data engineer is someone who can create, manage and administer an organization’s entire big data infrastructure.

Typically, a big data engineer takes care of the entire ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process. He/she proposes ways to improve the data quality to ensure better decision-making and efficiency.

A big data engineer also finds better ways to acquire data and to use existing data in a robust manner.

Learn Big Data Hadoop

One needs to know big data tools really well. Some of the big data tools that you may need as a big data engineer are Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, PI, and HIVE.

Apache Spark is ideal for the real-time processing of a huge pile of data.

You should also master SQL-based technologies and even no-SQL-based technologies like Cassandra and MongoDB.

One of the most suitable programming languages for a big data engineer is Python because of its simple syntax and readability.

Additional knowledge of data mining and analytics is also a bonus to excel in this role.

A big data engineer is the backbone of an organization’s data architecture and ensures that its data is utilized in the best possible manner.


A data scientist is equipped with every method and technology to extract meaning from accumulated data.

He/she is well-versed in machine learning algorithms, statistics, programming languages, and big data tools. The profile of data scientists is considered ambiguous because of their multi-faceted role.

Initially, a data scientist extracted meaning from the huge pile of data. With more innovation and the introduction of artificial intelligence, the role of a data scientist also became hugely involved with the applications of machine learning and its algorithm.

As a data scientist, you must have a fundamental knowledge of statistics to begin with.Proficiency in languages like Python or "R" is required to excel in the field of data science.

You must also understand the concepts of machine learning and its algorithms.

Learn Machine Learning

Data science is a vast field that is always in requirement of efficient statisticians, programmers, developers and candidates well-versed in ML Algorithm and data analytic.

To make your career in data science and artificial intelligence, begin with a study of data and then, programming. This field promises a bright future with the growing scope of innovation and out-of-box thinking.


Software engineering is the granddaddy of all things IT-related.

Before terms like developer or data scientist were coined, every IT aspirant wanted to be a software engineer.

Learn Java

Even after decades of innovations in the field of information technology, the role, and importance of a software engineer remains equally relevant.

In simple words, a software engineer applies her knowledge of computer programming and mathematical nuances to develop operating systems, computer applications, and software networks.


A software engineer is responsible for developing computer systems and applications that carry out a single or many specific functions.

To begin your career in the field of software engineering, you can start with a web development course in a language like Python, JavaScript, Java, C/C++ or R.

Your project work and expertise in a particular niche will help you climb the ladder of success in this field.

Along with technical skills, you must also develop interpersonal and management skills to climb up in your career of software engineering.


A cloud engineer designs, plans, manages, and supports a cloud computing system.

Cloud Computing has taken over the IT world in the past decade. The days of hardware stores are long gone and they have been replaced by “cloud” or on-demand data storage on the internet.

To make a career as a cloud engineer, you would need to understand databases like SQL very well.

cloud engineer salary

You could start your learning with MySQL, MongoDB or Hadoop. You also need to be well-versed in programming languages like Java, DotNet, Python and PHP.

Python is considered ideal for a beginner.DevOps is also going to get bigger in 2021.

You can start your journey in the world of Cloud Computing with a DevOps course or AWS Course

Cloud computing is a great option for career growth in the coming years and will assure immense payback with the support of the right certification and courses.


Every function of our lives is dependent on mobile applications. From ordering food to arranging transport, the life of a millennial runs on a mobile application.

In such a scenario, the demand for a proficient mobile application developer is increasing day by day.

A career in mobile application development entails a work scope like that of core development and UI/UX design.

There are mainly two popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. One needs to be proficient in C, Swift, and Java to start their journey in application development.

Learn Android

Knowledge of cross-platform frameworks like flutter is always a plus for app development.

There are more than a 300million smartphones in India itself. The more the number of smart devices, the more the demand for application and their developers.

As our dependency on mobile applications grows, so grows the requirement for more skilled personnel in the field of app development.

With the right expertise and experience, there’s no looking back in the career of a mobile app developer.


IT sector is expected to reach $5.2 trillion by 2020 globally as per a survey conducted by IDC.

These figures are just an estimation and the boom is this sector is rightly signified by the presence of data and technology in our day-to-day lives.

Information technology has become the biggest support system of global functioning and it will never have a dearth of job opportunities for those who have the right skills to make a difference.

In 2021, any job seeker would benefit from starting their education or career in the world of IT.

We have seen the rise of IT sector and we will watch it dominate the world.

The ball is now in our court to code our way to success through IT.