4 best jobs after doing an online Masters in Data Science

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Data science has earned a lot of demand in today’s world because it facilitates organisations to process and analyse data easily and competently. Executives and companies thereby use this data to make better business developments, derive better results, navigate growth, and execute excellent performance.

A master’s degree in the field of data science unlocks the door to several employment opportunities in a large number of industries. It can take your career to great heights.

Here are the top 4 jobs you can get by pursuing a master’s degree in data science online.

Data Analyst

In simple language, a data analyst utilises data to answer problems, recognize areas of increment and then articulate the outcomes to the operators to enable them to make decisions effectively, which in turn helps in increasing their Marketing, sales, and much more. This job can be deemed as the basis upon which the rest of the jobs in the list are established. Data analysts can fluently work with various programming languages, such as HTML, Python, C/C++, SQL, and R.

They modify and translate data sets into useful entities that the other members or workers of the organisation can utilise in making presentations and reports. Data Analysts spot company shortcomings, risks, and improvement alternatives by sourcing and analysing accurate data to steer business development and growth to meet certain demands.

This job has a high demand all over the world, not just in our country where the average salary of a data analyst in India ranges from 4.5 lakhs to 14 lakhs per annum.

Data Engineers

It is said that every great work of a data analyst or data scientist is not possible without the former work of a data engineer.

Data Engineers professionally develop methods and tools for the analysis of large data sets and simplify them to readable configurations for data scientists or analysts. These specialists are accountable for building the systems that allow scientists and analysts to do their tasks. In addition, they perform batch estimation by distributing and analysing data sets that are transferred then to data analysts and data scientists to derive results. 

While big companies usually have permanent Data Engineers within the corporation, smaller businesses frequently employ them on a venture basis as independent contractors, thereby enabling a lot of flexibility for a job role. In addition, a background in programming languages like Python, and SQL, knowledge of coding technologies along with a degree in master’s science can be more advantageous. Apart from this, data engineers are also extremely skilled in data processing and developing software.

The average salary of a data engineer in the country ranges from 4 lakhs to 21 lakhs per annum.

Data Scientist

To clear the common confusion between Data Scientists and analysts, while both of them discover patterns and trends in data to find better ways for companies to make efficient decisions, data scientists hold more responsibility in doing the job. They are normally assessed senior to data analysts. They are usually required to develop their own concerns about the data. A data scientist generally also spends more time creating models by using machine knowledge or integrating refined programming to analyse data after finding it. 

They are still required for all data modification done by analysts, but with more technique. Typically having a degree in computer technology along with data science, data-driven companies generally employ them.

The average salary ranges from 4.5 lakhs to 26 lakhs per annum.

Data and Analytics Manager

This profession is one of the best positions for individuals with a master’s degree in data science, especially if they’re experienced in working in a related field. They lead and supervise a team or group of data scientists and their role requires management, data analytics knowledge, leadership skills, and drive.

The average salary in this field ranges from 8 lakhs to 40 lakhs per annum.


Is Masters in Data Science online worth it?

A master’s degree in data science online is not worth it—skills and experience are more important than degrees.

How valuable is a data science master’s degree?

Data science may be worth investigating if you’re looking for a high-paying, dynamic job in a high-demand, rapidly growing field.

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