5 AWS features I wish I had known earlier

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AWS is the topmost cloud platform in the world right now. Being a subsidiary of Amazon, it has succeeded in deeply penetrating the DevOps and Cloud industry. At present, it has become an important niche in itself.

The path to becoming an AWS practitioner goes through several certification courses. However, there are many tips and tricks which only an expert would know.

In this blog article, we will discuss some important AWS features which we wish we knew at the beginning of our career. So, let’s begin with the basics.


Before we jump into the features, let us talk a bit about what is it.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is an on-demand cloud platform that provides scalable and flexible APIs and cloud services to the people. You can use AWS as an individual or a company.

Why AWS Cloud is Best for Your Career

There are many cloud platforms available, why should I Learn AWS?

  • AWS is growing Fast: There’s no denying the fact that it dominates the cloud platform You will be better equipped to compete in the job market with this certification.
  • Top Tech Skill for 2020 and Beyond: Since its inception, AWS has managed to dethrone other cloud platforms with its ease and cost-friendliness. The reports suggest that AWS certification is much in demand and will only grow in future.
  • A Shift to Cloud Computing: With changing times, more and more organizations are shifting their processes to cloud computing. As a result, your proficiency in a popular platform like AWS will only help your career grown.
    “The cloud-managed service landscape is becoming increasingly sophisticated and competitive. In fact, by 2022, up to 60% of organizations will use an external service provider’s cloud-managed service offering, which is double the percentage of organizations from 2018,” – Sid Nag, Research Vice President at Gartner
  • Better Pay: The average salary of DevOps engineer with an AWS certification is about INR649K and a senior software engineer earns up to m INR every year. AWS certifications help you add a skill set and an extra zero to your payslip

AWS certifications can help you build a career you had always dreamt about. But, do you think only a certification can help you? To help you ace the AWS, we have compiled a list of features that nobody would tell you about. So, without wasting time, here you go

5 AWS Features Nobody Tells You About

  • AWS Mobile Hub and SDK

Mobile applications are the most in-demand service in the software industry. AWS makes the development of mobile applications easy with its features like AWS mobile hub and SDK. With the help of the mobile hub, you can develop, test and monitor the entire mobile application through a single console.

It also makes the inclusion of features like push notifications simpler and quicker. Similarly, AWS SDK helps you access DynamoDB, Lambda and S3 directly. It supports iOS, Android, React Native, Web and Unity. The presence of these features enhances the development experience and the output immensely. If you work with AWS and do not use its mobile hub and SDK properly, you’re not utilizing its full potential.

  • Serverless Cloud Functions

    A developer spends most of his or her time on managing and updating the server for their application. A serverless cloud function relieves you from this responsibility so that you can concentrate on developing the best possible app. Unlike traditional systems, the serverless cloud function is a model which lets the provider be responsible for the dynamic allocation and provision of servers. There are stateless compute containers that are event-triggered. They are mainly dependent on client-side logic and third-party services. The cloud provider manages this entire process.AWS Lambda is the most popular serverless cloud function today. Most of the famous organizations depend upon this technology and AWS is paving way for it. If you’re an AWS practitioner, you must understand this and implement it into your projects.

  • Storage

    Storing data is economical and flexible with AWS. There are three main storage options given by AWS. They can be used independently or in a combination with each other.  These are – – Amazon Glacier —  for long-term storage.
    – Amazon Simple Storage Service — scalable object storage for archival, analytics and data backup.
    – The Amazon EBS — Provides block-level storage volumes for persistent data storage for use with EC-2 instances.

  • Security

    AWS provides maximum security to the data with the flexibility to scale and innovate. AWS’ security groups are associated with EC2 instances. With AWS’s features, you will find security at the port and the protocol level. In fact, some rules that even filter the incoming and outgoing traffic. These rules comprise of the following fields 1) type 2) protocol 3) Port Range 4) Source.

  • AWS Marketplace

    AWS is a product of Amazon, thus, they have created a marketplace for soft wares called AWS marketplace. It is an online store where one can browse, select and buy any software for their business. This software comes with the flexibility of one-click deployment.  As a software developer, you can list your software on this marketplace to get better visibility and can expose your product to a wide range of customers. Similarly, people can take advantage of flexible pricing and get the best software for the best prices.

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Wrapping Up:

AWS is increasing in popularity every day because of the ease, safety and flexibility it provides at economical prices. Sooner or later, every software process will be on various cloud platforms. Thus, it is only beneficial to learn more about AWS and its unique features.

The right certifications and expert guidance can help you become an ace AWS practitioner. If you want to get more knowledge about AWS and its certifications, feel free to contact us by dropping us an email.

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