Why Jobs in Data Analytics are increasing?

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Our country is moving towards a cashless economy which will lead to an increase in the number of online transactions. More such transactions happen, higher will be the requirement for the resources to do Data Management & Analysis. 

And this is not only about Banking & Finance, but the amount of data we are generating is also tremendous in every industry like Travel & Tourism, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Social Media.

The massive current & forecasted demand for analytical resources has caused many students, young professionals, and others to look at analytics as a career.

The most important Question that comes to all of our minds is – “How do I know Analytics is the right cup of tea for me?” or “How do I transition to a career in Analytics considering my current background & experience?”. One should always inspect the below criteria’s :

  • A Young Professionals having 0-3 years experience in Technical or Non-Technical background, must build up technical skills in Advanced Excel, VBA Programming & SQL Programming. You can learn these technologies in only 2-3 months. To know more about topics to study.
  • Professionals having more than 3 years of experience in IT Industry can look for a Career in Advanced analytics which includes

SAS Programming

R Programming

   Big Data Analytics

Job Search portal – Indeed claims the highest number of jobs in Data Analytics/ MIS Executive.





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