10 Facts to know about Dot Net MVC Framework

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Microsoft .Net with MVC framework is incredibly popular and has gained huge market attention in past few years. Well, you must also know that .Net developer Jobs are more than 13,000 on Naukri & 1200+ on Linkedin.

Here are few very interesting facts you must know about .Net MVC Framework

What is MVC?

First of all ASP.net webforms (the old ASP.net) and ASP.net MVC(The new thing) are not two entirely different things. MVC is just an updated architecture coding style where ASP.NET is still the framework.

So why would you wanna consider moving to ASP.NET MVC if you already have used ASP.NET?

Well, the MVC is new and brings a ton of new features and capabilities with it. While the previous ASP.NET encouraged some bad programming habits, MVC does not and makes the program less prone to human errors. Here is the list of few new benefits of MVC over the previous style.

1. TDD support out of the box.

2. SEO friendly URL by design

3. No ViewState

4. Clean View Markup

5. 100% extensible. (Gives you the control to add your own controller with IOC, or you can switch engines at your will)

6. Rich UI support (possible through client-side JS libraries like jQuery UI and others).

7. Is MVC faster?  Yes, by default because of lack of ViewState and a cleaner markup.

8. Out of the box support for mitigating anti-forgery attacks and XSS vulnerability (asp.net does have this to an extent)

9. Out of the box IOC support.

10. Full control over rendered HTML.

11. Pluggable architecture.

How MVC integrates with the latest client-side technology like Angular/JSON?

As we already know, JSON and Angular JS have a lot of potentials. The best of it could be used when developing a single page application in particular. Well, AngularJS can complement the server-side frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, by simplifying the operations performed by the server. ASP.NET is a robust server-side technology that needs a good client-side technology like AngularJS to complement it. It’s a great combination of AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC.

I heard that MVC is only for windows or PC users. Is that true?

No, MVC is not only for windows users. You can take advantage of MVC even if you have MAC OS or LINUX. Just the way directories will change in Windows or Linux. To learn step by step about how you can use MVC with Linux and MAC os refer to this link. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/tutorials/first-mvc-app-xplat/start-mvc?view=aspnetcore 

Why is MVC used by a lot of companies?

Due to these above-mentioned reasons, MVC makes the 1st choice of a lot of companies. There are a lot of tech companies using ASP.NET MVC as their 1st choice for building web server-side technology. In short, MVC is preferred by companies because:

1) Fast development time

2) Ability to provide Multiple views

3) Support for the asynchronous technique

4) Comfortable working with Desktop Widgets and PDF files

5) A modification is independent, it does not affect the whole model.

6) Lastly, of course, it is SEO friendly development platform.

7) Does MVC enforce good coding practices?

Yes, earlier, ASP.NET had loopholes that made it easy for anyone to develop a bad programming habit. The new MVC was designed to keep the importance of good programming habits in mind. MVC gives an opportunity to the users of facing distinctive challenges while developing a program. It will surely test your foundation of programming skills along with making you learn new ways to shorten the length of the required inputs.

Do I need to know any language before I start learning MVC?

There is no pre-requisite to learn .Net with MVC. However, knowledge of Oops concepts such as variable/scopes, flow-control & functions will be beneficial. As the demand of MVC developers is growing, you must start learning C#, ASP .NET, MVC.

Who should learn MVC?

If you are clear that you want to spend a major portion of your time doing server-side programming and less time doing client-side programming, then MVC would be like an asset to you. You might also consider learning it if you already have been working on ASP.NET or your company is shifting from WEBFORMS to MVC.

So, Start Learning ASP Dot NET MVC Framework Now

Why is MVC easy to learn?

MVC is easy for a classic ASP guy to learn and easier for anyone who has been working on the earlier versions of ASP.NET. Also, in general, developing applications using MVC is a lot easier than  ASP.NET WEBFORMS. The learning process for a beginner, like any other language’s learning phase, would be a little hard though. But you will get command over it faster than you could get on ASP.NET WEBFORMS.

What are MVC job perspectives?

Job perspectives are really good. DOT NET is a platform that lets you build apps using different technologies. DOTNET finds application in WEB-D/CLOUD COMPUTING/ANDROID APPS/IOS AP DEV/ WINDOWS APPLICATIONS/UI DESIGN. MVC is like an extension for  ASP.NET platform capabilities. So you can calculate for yourself that it is really an appreciated skill by tech companies.

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