How to Get a Job as a Data Scientist?

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The world runs on data. And, only an expert data scientist can make this humongous amount of data useful. As the human dependency on the internet and data grows, so grows the demand and popularity of data scientists.

The statistics, also, proves that data science is one of the most sought-after job profile in 2019. Let us give you some figures to help you understand our point –

  • At present, there are over 97,000 job openings for data science in India in 2019.
  • As per LinkedIn, data science job openings witnessed an increase of over 56% in the past year.
  • It has been touted as the “Best Job in America” for the past 3 years.
  • It has also been named as “The Most Promising Job in America in 2019.

Data Scientist as fresher hiring

Even after these huge claims, there are qualified data scientists who are jobless. A quick talk with any of these aspirants would lead you to the core of the problem.

Data Science is a huge field that requires a spectrum of skills. Your proficiency in one skill but a lack of another could cost you your career.

Then, how do you ensure that you find a job you are looking for? Or, how do you attain the right skills for the profile? What are the ways to reach the right recruiter at the right time?

In this article, we explore these dilemmas. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will be heading towards your dream data science job. So, grab a mug of coffee and hop on; it’s going to be a long ride.


You are the excel whiz kid at your office. You can mine through complex data and find the right information. Are you a data scientist?

You are a pro at Python. You can figure out Machine Learning Algorithms easily. Are you a data scientist?

The answer to these questions is yes and also, no.

As mentioned before, data science is a huge field which encompasses many skills, concepts and techniques.

Most students and fresh graduates do not know how to match their skills with the right profile. If you apply for a position which doesn’t require your skillset, you’re bound to get rejected.

The first step towards getting the right job is to know what the right job is for you.

Data Science all fields

Let us give you a quick look at different data science profiles, their required skills and their responsibilities for you.

  • DATA  ANALYST: In very simple words, a data analyst scrutinizes raw data to find out crucial information. This information helps an organization make decisions, plan strategies and achieve goals. A data analyst is required everywhere – in banking, software development companies, telecommunication and even manufacturing industry You must have 1) good mathematical and statistical aptitude 2) Knowledge of languages like Python and SQL ) Advanced Excel skills – both micro and macro.
  • DATA  ARCHITECT: A data architect helps in creating and maintaining database models for an organization to achieve strategic goals relating to data management. They help in collating, retrieving and maintaining company’s data and information. Thy also analyze structural requirement for new software and applications. You need to have a knowledge of a) RDMS including MS SQL or NoSQL and Cloud computing depending on the organization, b) Various Hadoop technologies like Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce etc c) understand data mining models, d)knowledge of languages like Python and R
  • DATABASE  ADMINISTRATOR: A database administrator ensures that the right data is available to all the stakeholders whenever required. They also ensure the proper function and security of various databases of an organization. From maintaining backups to introducing new data technologies, a database administrator does it all. In order to work on this role, you need to have a) an understanding of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or cloud computing b) Knowledge of database design c) Understanding of distributed computing architecture
  • BUSINESS  ANALYST: One of the most important non-technical role in the world of data science. A business analyst is the bridge between business side and the technical nerds of a company. They use sophisticated data science insights to help make an important business decision You need to a) understand various data models to make better predictions b) have a knowledge of data visualization tools like Tableau c) have commendable communication and convincing skills.
  • DATA  MANAGER: He/she’s the captain of the ship. They combine their technical skills and experience with project management to execute effective data science strategies in an organization. For this, you need every technical skill and a lot of experience.

Of course, these are not the only data science job profiles available. You could also be a statistician, a database developer or a data engineer. Understand the difference between data science, data analytics and Machine Learning

If you understand the requirement of a particular profile, you would know which profile is the right fit for your skills and qualification.

If you plan to work in a particular profile, you can start with obtaining the skills required to perform that job right.

An understanding of business requirements helps you in modifying your skills and aptitude for a better career. When you know what is expected from you, you perform better.


How you convey is much more important than what you convey.

A recruiter gets more than 100 resumes for a particular profile. You need to ensure that your resume makes to the final lot.

Find out the important keywords related to data science and include them in your resume. Nowadays, there’s software that screens the resumes to shortlist the relevant ones (All hail AI). Make your resume algorithm ready.

Try to fit the most important information about you in the first page. To be frank, restrict your resume to one page – nobody looks past that.

In the real world, your experience matters more than your degree. Include your projects, assignment, and relevant job experience, if any, before education

Make yourself visible online. Join LinkedIn and get inside its data science groups. Start posting your knowledge and about your experiences in data science on various online forums.

It’s a world of the web and only your network can help you reach places. Start working on it today.


Thanks to our education system, we equate the number of degrees with the abilities of a person.

Sadly, the professional world doesn’t work this way. Along with the required qualification, you also need enough experience or at least, practical knowledge to prove your worth.

Fresh graduates get easily dejected as they believe that no work experience dims their prospects. While this is true, there is number of ways that can ensure that your profile looks inviting.

We let you in a few secrets to get the profile few brownie points. Here they are

  • Spend your time applying the concepts you learn in your training class.
  • Take up as many live projects and assignments as possible.
  • Publish your work on GitHub. This will also act as your portfolio and help you prove your competencies before the interviewer.
  • Take part in Kaggle competitions and do not forget to include them in your discussions.
  • Make a report of every project you undertake which describes the entire process.
  • Make algorithms your best friend. When a recruiter looks for a data science professional, they want someone who understands the working of data.

Moreover, you must take up a course in a place where more emphasis is given to the practical application of concepts. You can take up free online courses available on Udemy, Upgrad and other such platforms.

You could also join an institute where you could learn through classroom training. Whatever you choose to be your mode of learning, please do keep in mind the following pointers.

  • Choose a place which has experienced trainers.
  • Your queries must be given top priority. The quicker you solve them, the better your understanding.
  • Take a look at the kind of live project opportunities they provide.
  • An active placement cell can help your cause greatly.
  • Make sure the syllabus is updated as per the new developments.
  • Speak to the alumni. They will give you a better picture.

Selecting the right teachers sets the foundation for your future. They lead you into the industry. Speaking of training, Check Gyansetu’s Data Science Training Course

Our Suggestion to Become A Data Scientist:- 

When you have the right skills, you will eventually end up at the right place. However, in the middle of lakhs of job seekers, you must take a few steps to compel recruiters into hiring you.

Finally, we would like to offer you some final tips to ensure that you become the next star of the data science world –

  • Learn Python and R.
  • Brush up your knowledge about Big Data tools.
  • Maintain a record of your projects.
  • Establish online visibility.
  • Listen to the recruiters and follow their advice. They want you hired (their incentive depends on it).
  • Lastly, get your training from the right place. (Preferably, someone like us)

Data Science always needs some tech nerds. If you follow our advice, you will be soon one of them.


Gyansetu Team

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