Is an International Master’s in Data Science really worth it?

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Yes, an International Master’s in Data Science is also worth it. Data science master’s degrees unlock a host of skilled advantages, comprising higher salaries, a faster path to leadership roles, and deeper insights into the theoretical and practical applications of the domain.

Employers filling big data roles often evaluate candidates with an M.S. in several fields, such as engineering or computer programming; data science is extremely appealing. 

Some of the reasons why a Master’s degree is worth it are mentioned below- 

Candidates without an M.S. in data science generally lack particular skills 

Data scientists need to attract a broad variety of skills to succeed in their positions. For example, data scientists require communication skills because their jobs need to communicate information with colleagues. They need to spell out what the data implies and how they can utilise their insights to unravel a problem. Though job seekers can frequently create their resumes with certificates or single courses that emphasise some of the skills they require, likely, they’ll always have gaps.

Graduate programs teach students how to relate everything they’ve understood

More than anything, a data science graduate program teaches learners how to use everything they’ve understood in conjunction with everything they already comprehend. There’s a tremendous deal of uncertainty in data science. They need to be competent to wield multiple tools in their toolbox simultaneously to eventually come up with something concrete. It progressively creates their skills. A good data science program will instruct them to draw on what they have learned during their first term, when they start their second term, and so on. Formulating that holistic understanding becomes incredibly crucial when they are on the job.

Candidates with a master’s already have relevant experience

Employers furthermore like to see some experience, even for more junior positions. Finalising an internship or capstone undertaking as part of a graduate program indicates that they have done pertinent work already. For example, many have done their M.S. in Data Science capstone project, which involves working with local businesses to determine real-world problems that students can assist them in working toward solving. Earning an understanding of how to take on complicated problems while still in school means they could also gain the awareness of employers soon after graduation. And almost every industry is eager to put data scientists on their team. With a master’s in data science, they can seek a career in anything from information technology to health care. 

A master’s in data science is clearly something hiring managers want to see on their resumes

Obtaining the M.S. shows potential employers that the candidate has ample training in each of the aptitudes they will need to achieve in data science or an associated profession – and the appetite to be at the front of the field. It could be the one extra credential that provides them an edge.

Obtaining data science skills also grants a promising path to operating at big corporations or moving to a larger metropolitan area—both of which can make for a higher salary.

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