The Ultimate Guide to Online Angular Training: Choosing the Right Course

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Angular Training has created a new wave in the tech space and is currently one of the most trending web frameworks. Hugely successful companies such as Samsung, Paypal, and Microsoft also use Angular for building their web applications, and the user base is only growing. It is a TypeScript-based open-source web framework maintained by Google.

It offers a wide range of incredible features, such as faster development of applications, productive design architecture, high-quality performance, etc. So, for anyone who wants to start learning Angular and is looking for the right course, you’re in the right place.

This article lists the top online Angular Training online courses to help you decide and start your journey.

What is Angular?

Angular is basically a structural framework used for creating efficient and powerful web applications. It is a great platform for creating single-page buyer applications with the help of TypeScript and HTML.

What are the benefits of learning Angular?

There is not one but several reasons why anyone who’s looking to grow their career in web development should learn Angular Training Here are some of the key reasons.

  • Favorable for building Single-Page Applications or SPAs

Angular makes creating interactive as well as elevated-performance single-page applications easier. SPAs refer to a web application that doesn’t need stacking many HTML pages because the necessary content and data are effortlessly inserted into one HTML page. The data or components are presented or discarded from the main page based on the user’s actions.

These are really convenient to build as well as debug, can be used repeatedly, work very fast, and provide a great user experience, which is why a majority of companies and development teams prefer it. Since Angular facilitates the SPA building process, the format becomes a great tool for developers.

  • Makes Component Management easy

Angular not only assists the user in simplifying the web development procedure but also helps manage the application code through elements.

An element or a component is the primary building block of any Angular application and includes 3 parts – 

  • An HTML Template, which is used for defining the component’s structure that’s supposed to be provided within the app
  • A CSS Stylesheet, which is used for deciding the component’s appearance
  • A TypeScript File, which comprises the code defining the component’s behavior.

There is an element or component generated for every application to keep it organized and stimulate hassle-free management.

  • Facilitates Rapid Production 

Developing the primary structure of an Angular application, along with adding new elements as well as services, can become quite time-consuming and problematic without the use of the Angular Command Line Interface. It is used for framing and developing AngularJs applications via node.Js style modules.

The interface deals with all the regular and boring tasks, along with providing the user with a flexible project structure. Using the Angular command-line interface or CIL, building a fresh project with all the fundamental dependencies, indexes, and files can be done with a single command. To start a new project, the user must use the ng new command succeeded by the project name. 

In addition, new services and components can be reinforced easily by carrying out single-line commands in the CLI. Furthermore, the user can build their Angular app and operate it on a regional or local server, along with performing several mundane tasks via different Angular CLI commands. This leads to rapid app production and places more significance on writing code instead of installing project files.

Top Angular courses online 

Here’s a list of some of the best angular courses available online in 2023.

Angular – The Complete Guide by Udemy

This is undoubtedly one of the best Angular training online courses available online. The crash course offered by Udemy is led by an outstanding instructor named Maximilian Schwarzmüller, who not only gives you theoretical knowledge but practically demonstrates it live, which makes understanding the course really easy.

The Angular Training course is detailed, up-to-date, presented interestingly, and covers the framework of Angular 12. It has 32 sections, more than 450 lectures, and a duration of more than 30 hours. People who don’t know much about Angular, TypeScript, CSS and HTML can also opt for this, though basic knowledge or understanding of these concepts can come in handy.

However, having a functional understanding of JavaScript is important. After you become familiar with Angular, important features such as data-binding, services, components, directives, etc., will also be covered in the course.

You will also learn about –

  • Developing interactive and flexible web applications with the help of Angular 12 in a short duration
  • Evolving as a front-end developer with an in-depth knowledge of Angular basics.
  • Creating single-page applications
  • The structural architecture involved in an Angular application
  • Debugging, Modules, working NgRx, Single Page Application, Routing, Observables, etc

Angular Training in Gurgaon: Gyansetu 

Gyansetu offers an Angular training online course that helps you learn everything from setting up Angular to deploying applications. This program covers various aspects, including Angular CLI usage, optimizing applications, creating single-page applications, and building user-friendly and responsive designs.

You’ll also delve into topics like routing, components, directives, modules, services, forms, web designing, HTML, XHTML, CSS, and real-time integration.

By completing this Angular Training course, you can kickstart your career as a MEAN Stack developer. After earning Gyansetu’s Angular Training Certification, you’ll gain valuable skills, such as understanding client-side development, working with TypeScript, and mastering DOM manipulation.

You’ll also learn to develop responsive and scalable single-page applications and write efficient, type-safe code in TypeScript. Additionally, you’ll grasp Angular application architecture, various design concepts, and testing practices.

Features of this course – 

  • Has a comprehensive curriculum that covers, Angular Training Angular CLI, components, routing, and more.
  • Gain hands-on experience in practical applications.
  • Learn from experts currently working in top companies.
  • Pre-course interactions and mentoring sessions.
  • Earn an Angular Certification upon course completion.


Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular by Coursera 

This is one of the best Angular Training courses on Angular offered by Coursera. You can learn about Angular without prior knowledge about it for no cost. However, you must be familiar with working with JavaScript, particularly ES 5.

The course is addressed by Hong Kong’s University of Science and Technology and teaches about using Angular through TypeScript. Therefore, there is an introduction to Typescript and its features in the context of Angular in the beginning. Then, it proceeds to cover using Angular Flex-Layout and Angular Material for designing responsive user interfaces.

Some other features of this course 

  • It covers several aspects of Angular, such as directives, services, Observables, components, and RxJS.
  • In addition to this, you will also get to learn about using Angular routers, data binding, and how to build single-page applications. 

Angular Architecture and Best Practices by Pluralsight

This is a cutting-edge course of Angular Training offered by Pluralsight, which helps learners understand the architectural concepts of Angular’s best methods, among other things. The course is taught by Dan Wahlin and has an extent of nearly 5 hours and 20 minutes for intermediate and advanced level. Pluralsight offers a 10-day free trial for this course, so you can access it and see if it works for you before buying any subscription.

Some features of this course are –

  • It will cover Angular’s organization of code, component interaction techniques, state administration, performance reflections, etc.
  • Opting for this course will help you create a strong application architecture that is susceptible to refactoring and upholding. 

The Angular Masterclass by Educative

Educative is one of the most prominent platforms for coding and operating your app or program through your browser itself. It has introduced a new course for learning Angular, which will help you in gaining knowledge of Angular from scratch. It is quite interactive and will teach you how to build an Angular application.

The Angular Training course also includes NgRx, which is basically a library for supervising reactive states for the program. You can subscribe to the text-based online platform and avail of similar courses for a cost-effective price. 

Some important things covered in this course are –

  • The structure of a regular Angular app, along with the modules and components wielded to create sections of the app.
  • Study various services, observables, RxJs, and dependency injection.
  • Testing an Angular app for production.

Angular Front To Back by Udemy

This is another popular and effective online Angular Training course offered by Udemy. If you don’t have a lot of time and want to learn about Angular within a short period, then this is a great option for you.

Developers at all levels can benefit from this Angular Training course. They are just required to possess a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. This course comprises 10 sections and 73 total lectures, with a total duration of nearly 11 hours.

It begins from the basic level, introducing how to set up Angular 11’s development environment, as well as downloads and Angular CLI. After this, it proceeds to teach Angular Training vital features and fundamentals, such as templates, directives, components, services, events, routers, etc.

You will also learn –

  • How to create a project for developed client management systems with data storage capacity and authentication by using the new FireStore platform by Firebase.
  • Using Angular 5+ for creating single-page applications
  • Angular app files, as well as folder structures.


Angular is a valuable skill to acquire in today’s tech-advanced and competitive world, especially if you want to grow your web development career. There are a lot of options available for learning Angular online, and now that you know the features of some of the best courses available in 2023, you can jump right in and start learning.

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