Top 10 Excel jobs for fresher

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Excel is more than just a spreadsheet software. It has become an essential tool in business, from stock analysis to sales tracking. With 82% of jobs requiring Excel skills, it’s no surprise that certified Excel proficiency can increase earning potential by 12%. Excel job knowledge can also open doors to job opportunities, especially for those without a college degree. In addition, the versatility of Excel makes it a valuable skill in a wide range of career fields, offering a variety of Excel job for freshers & experienced.

Top Excel Job For Freshers

  • Business Analyst

Pursuing a career in business analysis can also be a great option for excel job freshers, and Excel plays a crucial role in this field. As a business analyst, you will be responsible for managing and analyzing large amounts of company data, and any error in data management can be catastrophic for a business. This is where Excel proves to be a valuable tool, allowing you to store and organize data in one place.

With Excel job you can efficiently analyze data, study trends, and make informed decisions without missing any important details. In addition, excel’s features like pivot tables, charts, and graphs can help you visualize the data, making it easier to understand and present to stakeholders. By mastering excel job for freshers can enhance their employability and establish themselves as efficient business analysts.

  • Data Journalist

Data journalists rely on credible resources to create accurate and informative stories. However, with data constantly coming in, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything. Excel is a cost-effective solution for organizing and data analysing . In addition, it becomes easier to manage and study by inputting the data into Excel. With excel job data journalists can confidently present their findings without worrying about accuracy or credibility issues. As a fresher, learning Excel skills can greatly enhance your excel job prospects in the field of data journalism.

  • Project Manager 

Strong Excel skills can set you apart from others as a fresher in project management. Project managers need to keep track of various aspects of their projects, from deadlines to budgets, and Excel can help you do just that.

With Excel, you can create spreadsheets to organize your tasks, timelines, and project deliverables. You can also use Excel to manage resources, such as human resources or equipment, and track progress over time.

In addition, Excel can be a powerful tool for budget management in project management. You can use Excel to track project expenses, generate financial reports, and create visualizations to help you understand your project’s financial performance. Using Excel, you can easily identify any deviations from your budget and take corrective action to keep your project on track.

  • Cost Estimator 

If you’re considering a career as a cost estimator, you’ll be responsible for analyzing project requirements and collaborating with contractors and project managers to determine the necessary resources. You’ll need to utilize Excel to calculate estimates and present them to project stakeholders to achieve this. In addition, Excel is an ideal tool for organizing and analyzing data from past projects, allowing you to learn from previous errors and improve future estimates.

To become a cost estimator, a bachelor’s degree and a background in construction are usually required, along with proficiency in Excel to ensure accuracy in your calculations. Indeed another best Excel job for freshers.

  • Administrative Assistant

Next, an administrative assistant position may be a great option for freshers looking for an Excel job. In this role, you’ll schedule appointments, organise documents, and track employee vacation time.

Excel is an essential tool for administrative assistants, and you’ll need at least a basic knowledge of the software to perform your duties effectively. In addition, many employers may require you to take an Excel test during the application process.

One of the key Excel functions that administrative assistants use is the filter. Filters allow you to remove extraneous information from your data, making it easier to analyze and present. For example, you may need a list of salespeople with full names and addresses in your Excel database, but you don’t need to see the addresses when you’re reviewing sales figures.

By applying a filter, you can remove the address column from view, making it easier to focus on the relevant data. Excel tips and tricks can help you make your data cleaner and simpler, leading to more effective reports and presentations.

  • Accountants

If you’re a fresh graduate looking for an Excel-based job, becoming an accountant might be your best bet. However, be prepared to have at least a bachelor’s degree and some proficiency in Excel. Accounting involves managing multiple financial statements, tax returns, income statements, and cash flows, all of which require much number-crunching. Excel is an invaluable tool for organizing and analyzing data and performing complex calculations using built-in functions.

  • Data Journalist 

Data journalists need to ensure the credibility of their resources to produce accurate stories. As a result, they receive a constant flow of data, which can be overwhelming to keep track of without software. However, Excel provides a cost-effective solution for organizing and analyzing data. By inputting data into Excel, journalists can easily maintain and study their data efficiently. This makes it a valuable tool for any data journalist, regardless of their experience level.

  • Retail Manager 

Retail managers are expected to handle various tasks, ranging from tracking employee information like pay, vacation days, and sick days to managing inventory and sales records. Excel can be an excellent tool for managing all of these responsibilities.

For instance, you can use Excel to input and calculate staff salaries and track their work hours, ensuring that they are paid accurately. Additionally, scheduling employees and keeping track of their work hours can also be done via Excel.

Moreover, Excel can be used to monitor inventory levels and keep track of sales records. By using Excel, retail managers can keep track of their stock levels, analyze sales trends, and adjust their inventory levels as needed.

Therefore, even seemingly straightforward jobs like retail management require a basic knowledge of Excel, which can help you manage your workload more efficiently.

  • Financial Analyst 

As a financial analyst, you must analyze financial data and provide business recommendations to help them make informed decisions. Excel is an essential tool for financial analysts as it allows them to organize and analyze large amounts of financial data quickly and accurately.

You will use Excel to create financial models, analyze financial statements, and develop forecasts based on historical data. You will also use it to create charts and graphs to present your findings to stakeholders.

To excel in this field, you will need to have a strong background in finance or accounting and proficiency in Excel job A bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field is typically required, and some employers may prefer candidates with a master’s degree.

  • Information Clerk 

As the name implies, information clerks give customers details about a business or product. They also gather various data and generate reports based on it.

Generally, a high school diploma and experience are sufficient to land this excel job.  However, your employer may also require you to have an associate’s degree and coursework experience.


So, excel skills are highly sought after by employers across various industries and can offer great opportunities for freshers. From administrative assistants to financial analysts, data journalists to retail managers, these top 10 Excel jobs for freshers offer diverse roles requiring a range of Excel skills, making it a valuable skill to learn for anyone entering the job market.

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