Top 9 Job Roles in the World of Data Science for 2023

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Data Science proceeds to be one of the promising and in-demand careers for qualified professionals. A data science career is rewarding and lucrative, but the way to begin a career in data science is not that easy.

The Top 9 job roles for data science are mentioned below-

Data Analyst

Data analysts are accountable for a mixture of tasks comprising visualisation, munging, and processing of huge amounts of data. They furthermore have to conduct queries on the databases from time to time. However, one of the most crucial mastery of a data analyst is optimization. This is because they have to develop and modify algorithms that can be utilised to cull information from some of the greatest databases without corrupting the data.

Data Engineers

Data engineers create and test scalable Big Data ecosystems for industries so that the data scientists can operate their algorithms on the data systems that are durable and highly optimised. Data engineers furthermore update the existing strategies with newer or upgraded editions of recent technologies to enhance the efficiency of the databases.

Database Administrator

A database administrator’s job profile is pretty self-explanatory as they are accountable for the proper functioning of all the databases of an industry and grant or revoke its assistance to the corporation’s employees depending on their requirements. They are furthermore accountable for database backups and recoveries.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are in high need today. Yet , the job profile comes with its challenges. Apart from having an in-depth understanding of some of the most potent technologies such as SQL, REST APIs, etc., machine learning engineers are furthermore expected to conduct A/B testing, build data pipelines, and implement common machine learning algorithms like classification, clustering, etc.

Data Scientist

Data scientists have to comprehend the challenges of business and provide the best explanations utilising data analysis and data processing. For example, they are anticipated to conduct predictive analysis and operate a fine-toothed comb through unstructured/disorganised data to offer actionable understandings. They can also do this by determining trends and ways to assist corporations in making better judgments.

Data Architect

A data architect develops the blueprints for data management so that the databases can be readily incorporated, centralised, and safeguarded with the best security measures. They furthermore assure that the data engineers have the best tools and techniques to work with.


As the name indicates, a statistician has a sound knowledge of statistical theses and data organisation. Therefore, they take out and offer valuable understandings from the data clusters and assist in developing new methodologies for the engineers to apply.

Business Analyst

The function of business analysts is slightly distinct from other data science jobs. While they have a good knowledge of how data-oriented technologies work and how to deal with large volumes of data, they separate the high-value data from the low-value data. In other words, they determine how Big Data can be linked to actionable industry insights for business development.

Data and Analytics Manager

A data and analytics manager governs the data science operations and assigns responsibilities to their squad according to skills and expertise. Their strengths should comprise technologies like SQL, SAS, R, etc., and management.

What are the benefits of a data science career?

The need for data science skills has gone to a new height due to the multiple amounts of data generated across industries and the demand for adequate data-driven decision-making. The main three benefits of a data science career are- 

  • High Salary 
  • Solve complex problems 
  • Less vulnerable to job automation

The data science profession is in massive demand, and employers are investing substantial time and cash. Taking the right step can establish a bright career in data science.

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