What degree is useful for data science?

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Data science is an exhilarating, crucial role for corporations across enterprises. According to several reports, employment in this arena is anticipated to prosper by a remarkable 25% by 2032.

Which Degrees are Best for Data Science?

If a student is considering obtaining a bachelor’s degree to educate himself in the area of data science, he has various choices. Data science is best for those students who are routinely majoring in computer science or mathematics. Following are some of the most suitable bachelor’s degree routes for this area.

B.S. in Computer Science:

This bachelor’s degree is a realistic fit for a career in data science and requires an articulation of programming languages. In addition, obtaining this degree provides a student with a strong technological foundation and knowledge of today’s industry-standard devices.

B.S. in Statistics: 

This bachelor’s degree is a vital choice for future data scientists because statistical analysis mastery is the foundation of altering large data sets into significant understandings. With this degree, a student can know to comprehend the science of logical decision-making and produce timeless abilities that will constantly be necessary for this area.

B.S. in Applied Math: 

This bachelor’s degree is a good fit for data experts because it concentrates on pertaining analytical and computational maths strategies to decipher real-world difficulties. This is an excellent degree if a student wishes to erect versatile and crucial problem-solving skills.

What are the top Master’s Degrees for Data Science

Suppose a student is looking to progress his career in the area of data science. In that case, he may want to contemplate seeking a master’s degree which can assist him in attaining deeper practical expertise while furthermore getting exposure to leadership beliefs. 

M.S. in Data Analytics

It is the best fit for specialists who wish to engage data with how it can direct to establishing an active industry advantage curriculum in Big Data analytics and mining, advanced analytics, data visualisation and reporting, and statistical concepts that can provide professionals with devices to enter senior-level positions.

M.S. in Computer Science 

This is helpful for professionals who need an incredible emphasis on engineering and programming skills. The related curriculum in this scheme comprises progressed data configurations and programming, questions in database supervision, applications of AI and applied machine learning. 

What qualifications do a student need to be a data scientist?

The most prosperous data scientists can flawlessly blend computer skills, statistical knowledge, and mathematics in a way that facilitates them to discover business explanations in numerous data sets. 

Some of the important skills that are required are mentioned below- 

Data Skills: 

The data scientist should comprehend the data to take from where and how to navigate their analyses. 

Technical Proficiency. 

A data scientist must have technical knowledge in computing capacities to pertain machine learning to big datasets for analyses and forecasts. This generally comprises learning languages like R, SQL and Python. This furthermore comprises mastering data visualisation equipment like Tableau or Microsoft BI.

Mathematical Skills

It’s crucial to be competent to operate with the data that has been caught, which implies a knowledge of mathematics, calculus, statistical modelling, and risk analysis. Therefore, mathematical skills are also helpful in data science. 

Education & Certifications. 

Corporations have put a bonus on the significance of data which is why the companies look for those with skills but with the education and experience to understand how to put those abilities to use most effectively. This implies job applicants should have a minimum applicable bachelor’s degree. In addition, certifications and enterprise certifications indicate a commitment to staying ahead in the area.

Which are the best data science institutes in India? 

  1. Loyola College, Chennai
  2. S. P Jain institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
  3. Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
  4. iClass GyanSetu
  5. Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad
  6. Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

To get into data science nowadays, the stable route is through prestigious credentials that signal to companies that the applicant has the talents and commitment required to prosper in this field.


Is data science a viable career path?

Data Science is the fastest-growing job on LinkedIn, with 11.5 million new jobs expected by 2026. Employment opportunities are available in various industries and are among the highest-paying jobs in the world, making it a very profitable career option.

How long does it take to train as a data scientist?

After completing your formal education, it takes an average of 5 years to become a data scientist.

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