What is the demand for data science in Chennai?

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Data Science course in Chennai has been founded as a central emergent scientific field and way of steering research development in areas such as aptitude science, statistics, computing science, and practical conversion in business, science, social science, engineering, the public sector, and existence.

Why Choose a Data Science Course in Chennai?

Data centres are in heavy need these days. Particularly the world thrash has resulted in a desperate boost in the pace of digitalization across the world. While discourses regarding such development are at the centre, Data Science Courses in Chennai, the most academically privileged city in India, are at the focal point of conversation. The development in data science that Chennai has noticed is unparalleled; it has truly more than doubled in three years.

A report by Knight Frank says that the Data Science Courses in Chennai have an opportunity to achieve a capacity of 174MW by 2023. The last four to five years have indicated the golden duration in the city. Eminent National and International corporations such as Netmagic, Adani, Yotta, and a few more have begun their base function in Chennai. The micro-markets of Ambattur and Siruseri are currently the hubs of Data Science centers and cloud hotspots.

Why Become a Data Scientist?

The average annual earnings for a Data Scientist in the US is $140,772. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the area is anticipated to evolve by 22% by 2030, thrice the rate of other average careers. There has never been a better time to start a job in data science. 

There is an enormous gap in data scientists’ demand and supply. As per a survey completed in 2021, 92% of hiring managers feel that there is a talent deficit when it comes to data scientist careers. It is a great chance for aspirants to find and bag their ambitious roles. Also, it is calculated that 55% of businesses have started utilising data analytics to enhance efficiency as an outcome of COVID-19. It is only natural that these businesses and industries demand talented and qualified individuals in data science. 

Data scientists are competent in varied skills, all at once. Be it the small micro ventures or the colossal tech sharks such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, modern enterprises are no strangers to the supremely crucial Data Scientists. They are eager to position them in their firms. Working at the core of scrutinizing consumer provisions and formulating a master technique is what mounts a data scientist in such an impactful role.

Different jobs in data science 

  • Data Engineering 

In a nutshell, data engineering is all about the plumbing of it all. It is about answering what drifts, from where, how far, and how fast.

  • Data Analysis

This portion of the spectrum is the most common definition of Data Science. Data Analysis is the assignment of finding ways in data utilising various tools and adding in domain proficiency to make sense of those insights.

  • Data Storytelling/Visualization

Storytelling strives to take the patterns and comprehend the story behind them. This frequently involves talking to various stakeholders and teams and understanding why a pattern is noticeable.

  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, generally attributed to Artificial Intelligence, is the idea of utilizing the underlying ways in data and letting an algorithm understand them to unravel real-world problems.

  • Data Science Research

This is where the other half of the Machine Learning argument lies. Data Science Research is about creating the algorithms which the Applied Machine Learning Engineer uses. 

Data Science is still an incredible career to opt for. It is in need regardless of where a person starts from, their initial skill set, or what they Excel at. There is some position for everyone. Data Scientist is not a term that has a stringent definition, which makes the need for data scientists ever-present but obscures any transparency on what is precisely needed.

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