Why AWS Cloud is Best for Your Career

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With the rampant paradigm shift in technology and entrepreneurial behavior; enterprises are it small, large, or nascent bootstrapped, all of them are looking for candidates that are tech-savvy and are trained in state-of-the-art technologies like AWS Cloud.

Amazon Web Services are helping businesses with the requisite resource to make a business successful! But isn’t it a Business to Business deal? Then how getting AWS Certification can help an individual candidate with career growth?

Well! Amazon Web Services actually has benefits attached to it that can alter the course of an individual’s career.

Why AWS Cloud is Best for Your Career

  • Top organizations prefer hiring people who are already trained:

Yes! Giant enterprises are poaching trained candidates because it helps them save both time and money. An AWS Certified individual will be able to contribute to growth from the very first day.

With a clear understanding of paradigms, practical applications, and problems that may arise, an AWS Cloud certified individual will definitely prove better than the individuals with experience in obsolete technologies and tools.

Also, top enterprises prefer hiring smart people to tell them what to do instead of companies telling these people what to do.

These big enterprises are successful because they follow hiring patterns that are uncommon and at the same time make the individual feel valued. Which allows the individuals to put their best foot forward and grab a chunk of profit for their personal growth.


  • AWS is economical and secure; in short, it is the future

Well! Needless to say, but any technology that presents itself as the future is bound to grab eyeballs. Enterprises from around the world are betting big on AWS Cloud hence any individual who decides to get AWS Certified will be increasing his or her chances of getting hired by an impressive chunk.

Finding relevant jobs within a few months of completing the course is one of the most underrated benefits of learning AWS. Individuals can land jobs while were enrolled in the courses because of the practical experiences they have had acquired.

  • The Industry is in Dearth of AWS Experts:

You will be amazed to find that AWS’s revenue grew by 42% from 2016 Q1 to 2017 Q1 and it has been constantly improving. With every small- and large-scale business adopting AWS Cloud as the defined standard, the need of AWS Experts is also increasing rapidly.

With only a few hundred thousand experts being certified every year, the industry is in dearth of quality experts. Start today with AWS learning and you will have a job that pays well, respects your contribution, and also promises a great future.

AWS has established its data centers in more than 11 countries and businesses from more than 190 countries are seeking Amazon Web Services.

A well-articulated AWS Expert will never have to go door to door for jobs, the jobs will come to them!

  • A decent raise in Pay:

If you are already working with a reputed enterprise, still decides to get AWS certified then you are looking at an impressive pay raise. While companies understand the pain of hiring new and loyal people, they also understand the importance of promoting internal talent. While companies will find an internal talent with upgraded skills, you will also be spared from moving to a new city and engaging with new colleagues, a win-win situation for everyone.

  • If you are Freelancer, you will make way more money:

Freelancer webmasters and bloggers can actually sway in and help companies with AWS Cloud and sway out when their work is done, this way companies save the cost of hosting an employee for a year while the freelance AWS experts get a hefty pay without feeling the burden of having a regular job.

The Internet was basically deployed largely to help people lead a simple life and freelancers are the only creed of people who have actually made it come true.

With freelancer AWS experts, companies also get to enjoy the benefit of engaging with more than one expert at the price of hosting one employee for a year.

  •  Cloud is going to Render Servers Obsolete:

Yes! You read that right; if you are someone who is into a server business or an employee working with a service company then it is time for you to upgrade or perish in time.

Cloud storage is going to render servers obsolete; if not cloud then decentralized Internet will surely render server businesses obsolete.

Get trained in AWS cloud and not only enjoy access to reputed jobs but also get to become the industry expert in almost no time.

With a smaller number of experts on the block, the seats are empty, and now is just the perfect time to grab them and lead a life you always imagined.

Summary of the blog:-

AWS Cloud is the future and it is going to solve a lot of problems for businesses. With AWS Cloud, businesses will become relevant, reliable, fast and highly customizable, which will bring in more customers and revenues.

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