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The first programming language a fresher is advised to learn is Java. In the world of coding, Java is often referred as the axis of programming. It is because of this reason there’re millions of Java developers in the world today.

Below are some of the reasons why Java remains the most popular programming language in the world.

  • It is the most commonly used programming language in the world. As per research, around 3 billion systems operate on Java. It also has more real-life use cases out of all programming languages.
  • Java is the most versatile and strong core language to learn. It is a great preparatory base for C, C++ etc.
  • It’s an object-oriented language that helps in developing a solution-oriented approach in programming.
  • It has been around for over two decades. Its maturity contributes to a rich library which has solutions to almost all problem one may face.

As per Oracle, there are 9,000,000 Java developers in the world. And, their demand is ever-growing. However, it is not so easy to stand out amongst this pool of developers. One can easily initiate in the field of Java development but it takes more than theoretical knowledge to become a better Java developer.

In this article, we will discuss a few steps that can help you become a good Java developer


Often, in the process of upgrading your skills, most developers tend to let go of the basics. This has never benefitted anyone on the long run. The correct way always is to keep on brushing up your basics. There are plenty of tutorials as well as study material available online where you can get knowledge regarding the latest development in Java and how to keep up with their basics to enhance your programming skills.Almost all of your queries can be easily solved with the help of communities and libraries. As we have mentioned before, it is a mature language and thus, has no dearth of reference, examples, case studies and guides for your help.


Most of the senior Java developers have plenty of experience and expertise but they’ve never written a code using the latest version of Java. As of now, Java 13 is their latest release.If you have been a Java developer for few years but did not get enough time to upgrade to the latest version, the opportunity is now. You can easily learn from tutorials and material available. All you need is to dedicate some time to keep yourself updated and you will be in the position to lead a team.


Most of the companies prefer the spring framework for their development work. As a Java developer, it would be better for you to get acquainted with thing like Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Spring framework makes your code compliant with best coding practices. It makes it more testing-friendly and increases the productivity of your code.


If you’re good at Java development, your code will always have unit testing done. You can always find out about the quality of a code with their tests. To make your code stand out, hone your unit testing skills. There are many tools available for you to carry out testing but the best one so far has been the JUnit library. It is simple, flexible and easy to learn. In 2020, make sure that you know unit testing and that every code is accompanied with it.


There’s one thing that is common between all great Java developers – their immense knowledge of APIs and libraries. Thanks to its long existence, Java has APIs and libraries for every function possible in the coding world. So, for a good Java developer, it is important to have knowledge of some Key APIs like Jackson and Gson, JAXB, Xerces, and unit testing – Mockito and Junit. It is not necessary for you to know them all but you must begin from the basics.


If you really want to become a better Java developer in 2020, you should spend some time learning JVM internals, Some of them are JIT, JVM options, Garbage collections and collection. With the help of JVM internal, you can improve the performance of your Java applications. You can also find out the roadblocks in the process of development with this knowledge.


If you want to go above the level with Java coding, you must practice it more than an average developer. Try to implement every new concept that you learning in your code. For this, you can even take projects other than your professional commitment. There are plenty of portals available where you can take up new projects and hone your coding skills. The only key to get better and finding your weakness is to practice even more.


Java is one of the most highly used coding languages in the world. It has many dedicated forums on the internet which can help you get your doubts cleared, get an update on new technologies and even, validate your opinion. Build your virtual network and join these online forums. Start outing forth your opinion and sharing knowledge. You will soon learn even more tricks by being visible in a community and will witness that it helps immensely in coding.


Books can never go out of fashion. Take out your coursebook from your engineering days and start re-reading them. You will realize that you will understand the concepts better. Talk to the industry leaders and ask them to recommend the latest books on Java development. Make it a habit to read a book on Java every month and use your learning in your coding work. You will soon see the difference in your development.


Your transformation from an average Java developer and to a great Java developer begins on the day when you realize that you will always remain Java’s student. To always remain at par with the industry standards, you will always have to keep yourself updated and practicing Java.

If you’re a beginner in the field of Java development, then, you must join Core and Advanced Java Training in Gurgaon that can guide you better in the field of Java development.  Until then, all the best and happy coding.

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