Is Data Visualization with Power BI a Preferred Career Upgrade?

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In today’s data-driven age, every professional, whether IT or non-IT, has one common factor to deal with, and that is – data. So learning data science skills like data visualization is no longer a necessity for career up-gradation, it’s essential.  

What is Data Visualization?

When you hear about data visualization, probably images of graphs and charts come to your mind. Yes, data visualization is just that – visual representation of data. However, the scope of Data Visualization goes far beyond that.

An example: have you seen Hans Rosling explaining population growth with the help of plastic bins and illustrative props? If yes, then let me tell you that too is data visualization. 

Why Data Visualization is important?

Let’s consider the Hans Rosling example once again. Growth of population and shift in demography are crucial elements on which the very existence of our species and planet rely. Also, these are extremely complex subjects. But some plastic bins and a few props make things crystal clear. That is the power of visualization.

Can learning Data Visualization Upgrade your IT career?

Keeping in mind the fourth industrial revolution, most of the fastest-growing careers in the tech sector did not exist a few years back. Today we have seen technologies like data science creating disruptions in the IT world, and you as a professional can’t ignore the trend. And one of the most sought-after specializations in DS is DataViz. 

According to job surveys-

1. Businesses are increasingly concerned about the skill gap, and employees are eager to switch to firms that provide greater skill development initiatives.

2. Data Visualization is one of the top 25 hottest skills that may get you employed, with data presentation being the essential skill set.

3. Data Visualization is a tool that small organizations are using to recognize the connected features and to gain important insights. It may be used to analyze information quicker in a graphical form or to identify trends. Companies of all sizes are seeking data visualization specialists these days.

DataViz is in high demand. Visualization not only takes the power of big data into the mainstream but also serves as a bridge between technical and non-technical positions, allowing more professionals to transition into data-driven roles. Another reason it is in demand is that all types of businesses want data communicators who can utilize data to effectively depict and communicate findings to both tech and non-tech workers. There is a famous saying,” a picture is worth a thousand words.”

According to a recent survey, the typical basic annual package for a Data Visualization professional in India is up to 13.5 lakh.

Needless to say that Data Visualization is an ideal career upgrade for professionals in today’s transitional era.  

Is Power BI – the tool for Data Visualization?

Tools, like any other technology, play crucial roles in data visualization. A couple of tools like Tableau and Power BI are dominating the DataViz market right now.

Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence tool that enables you to visualize and analyze data more efficiently and with greater speed. 

According to Gartner, Power BI is the best platform for analytics and business intelligence and a true market leader in the domain. 

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Reasons that Power BI is preferred over Tableau:

1. Tableau doesn’t support many features in free version, whereas Power BI offers all the features on free desktop version. 

2. Power BI is an easy tool for learning. On the other hand, Tableau has a steeper learning curve. 

3. Tableau is mainly suited to large organizations, but Power BI is suitable for organizations of all sizes-small, medium, large. 

4. Power BI offers dashboard updates in real-time. No such feature is available in Tableau. 

5. Tableau is more costly than Power BI

6. Tableau does not support AI and ML. Power BI does.

So your preferred career upgrade will be to learn Power BI as a data visualization tool. 

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Final Words

In a data-driven world, taking a course on data visualization will give you a much-needed boost in your career. And what better tool to do it than Power BI? So data visualization with Power BI is definitely a preferred career upgrade

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