How 6 weeks Industrial Training can Shape your Future?

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For any subject or course, there are two aspects to learn – Theory and practice. Theoretical is a part where the subject is learned from the books and only words create a visualization. Whereas a practical method of learning shows how things work and it shows ‘practical’ usage of theoretical knowledge.

When it comes to a professional career, industrial training enables learning and understanding better and easily. Wondering why? The various reasons are listed below which helps you to differentiate and analyze why industrial training is needed.

What is a 6-week industrial visit module:

In learning, many schools and colleges follow the industrial visit module which literally means visiting a related industry or factory or a company to understand the working and process better. Same way, IT companies are introducing an Industrial Training Program module for their new recruits.

Why is this important and why is it needed? 

When a person reads from texts, usually the human brain tends to visualize what he or she has learned to understand it better. However, these images will be limited by the data and knowledge the brain has stored already. Industrial training clarifies this blurred vision and helps them understand the process well and analyze the cause of the errors at ease.

Advantages of 6 weeks of industrial training:

There are many advantages that can be listed for a 6-week industrial training program. Some of the major reasons are as below:

  • Practical Knowledge: 6 weeks of industrial training allows the person to see, touch, and feel what exactly is happening in the field. It any be any industry, only practical knowledge enables the person to understand things in deep and better.
  • Dodge practical difficulty: Being in the industry for 6 weeks, you may see various practically faced problems and you will also learn how to dodge these problems and find solutions when you start working.
  • Learn new techniques: A keen observation of the process and working style at the place of visit enables the person to think out of the box and find new solutions and new ways to proceed the process
  • Analyzing skill: This industrial training increases the analyzing skill of the candidate as the process and procedures will be watched keenly and also helps in better analysis.
  • Self-analysis: By working in different sections within 6 weeks, it helps the candidates themselves to find out their role of specialization to choose the right path and role.
  • Choosing the right career: It also helps in analyzing the true potential of the person and to choose the right career to excel.
  • Familiarize: The candidate can familiarize themselves with multiple options and roles available in the industry and also helps in enhancing their knowledge
  • Professional skills: It enables to understand the professional and technical skills required to be in that particular industry and helps in acquiring the skills at a lesser amount of time.
  • Broad-spectrum: It enables a broad view of the industry than a regular narrow ‘job’ oriented view. This will add value to the resume and motivated to move further and higher.
  • Analyze the need: It allows to analyze what exactly is expected out of that person and work accordingly.
  • Problem-solving skills: It improves problem-solving skills and also showcases one’s true potential.
  • Practical experience: Any industrial training adds a feather to the cap as it involves actual practical working in the field. This adds an extra star to the resume.
  • Job opportunity: It opens a wide range of job opportunities either at the same company where the industrial training was done or even at a better company.

Above are a few advantages of doing a 6 weeks industrial training and there are many more that can be listed out. The main motto of any industrial training is to ‘train’ the candidate to fit the job better.

Industrial training was initially mandated for engineers and now many companies insist the training for any kind of role. It develops a level of self-confidence as they start working under the supervision and they will also develop a hunger to know more.

The tenure of the industrial training can be changed according to the industry type, however, the ideal time frame is set to 6 weeks. Why 6 weeks of training? The 6 weeks are planned to enable the candidate to have complete exposure to the industry, process, procedures, rules, and laws. The common schedule designed for these 6 weeks are:

  • Observation – Week 1: An entire week is spent on the observation process. This involves observing the environment, people around, industry preferences, and basic workflow. This one-week type is given to adaptability.
  • Basic introduction – Week 2: Week 2 is spent with a basic introduction of the processes and company profile and what they exactly do.
  • Skills – Week 3: The required basic skills are assessed and analyzed. The candidates are trained on it if needed.
  • Technical training – Week 4 to 5: Required technical knowledge is given to the candidate to make sure they are well equipped with adequate knowledge when they hit the floor and they are also assessed based on the training and learning.
  • Practical session with a mentor – Week 6: After the assessment, qualified candidates are made to work practically with a mentor to guide them through the process and help them whenever needed.

Many IT companies are now following this 6-week industrial training module as it helps the candidate to excel in professional skillset and also helps them in analyzing any error on their own.


For any job, 6-week industrial training is important and this training helps to mold a person into a professional shape. Any person who completes this 6-week training will be enabled with multi-skills and will be able to analyze the problems and errors on their own as they are equipped with adequate knowledge. Also, successful completion of this training creates an adherence to the company as it helped to add value to the resume. Ask for 6-week industrial training and taste its true essence on successful completion!

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