The Story of How Ambition, Fueled by Certified Training, Transformed into Achievement!

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Many times after graduation, individuals get stuck on which career path they should take. One such individual is Ambica, who once found herself confused about her future.

She was not confident about taking on the job opportunity just after graduation as she was determined to get trained and upskill herself. That time, she decided to take a bold step and started upskilling herself.

She enrolled in the Business Analytics certification program, and took a deep dive into the world of data and analysis, exploring new profitable horizons in her career. 

Business Analytics became the turning point

This training program opened doors for her by equipping her with valuable skills highly sought in the job market.

When she started with the course, it provided her with a well-structured curriculum, focusing on key skills like Advanced Excel, Power BI, SQL, and Python. These skills, taught by industry experts, became the building blocks of her successful journey as a Business Analyst.

In the program, Ambica mastered Advanced Excel, performing crucial functions like VLookup, HLookup, and Index Match. She became adept at tasks like data filtering, sorting, and applying multiple rules using conditional formatting. Ambica learned to create insightful reports using Pivot Table, Pivot Charts, and Dashboards.

The Power BI segment of the course honed her visualization skills. From understanding components to designing dashboards, she learned data blending, chart creation, and the intricacies of publishing and sharing visualizations.

Also, she learned more about the world of SQL, gaining expertise in database models, simple and complex queries, and various operations like aggregation and data manipulation. Python became her expertise as she mastered functions, object-oriented programming, and data visualization.

This training & certification program at Gyansetu, one of the fastest-growing professionally managed companies in Technology Learning and consulting, was like a guiding light for Ambica.

She got top-notch Red Hat Certified Training from highly qualified and skilled professionals with global exposure in diverse areas. They helped her gain the skills needed for the tech world. Ambica worked hard and absorbed every bit of knowledge like a sponge.

Certified and got placed!

After the completion, she was certified! During the training, she enjoyed learning about business analytics and how data could be turned into valuable insights. There, she was not only taught technical skills but also boosted her confidence to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, Ambica even got placed in one of the top firms. Impressed by Ambica’s dedication and the skills she acquired at Gyansetu, Kalgudi Digital Pvt. Ltd. welcomed her aboard as a Business Analyst. She uses her analytical skills in her role to solve real-world business problems.

She didn’t just receive the technical training, but the holistic placement support & assistance provided by Gyansetu further became a game-changer for Ambica’s career. The placement team enhanced her CV, showcased her Business Analytics skills, boosted her confidence, and increased her profile visibility on top job search engines.

Her journey from a budding business analyst to a seasoned professional reflects Gyansetu’s ethos – a place where passion meets opportunity, and success is not just a destination but a continuous, evolving journey.

Her success mirrors the success of many Gyansetu students who are now part of renowned companies like Sapient, Capgemini, TCS, Accenture, and more. 

Surely Ambica’s journey, success, and determination defined how a well-structured yet cost-effective professional training program can pave the way for a successful career transition, making dreams of a new career a reality.

If you also wish for a career change or to get certified with futuristic skills, enroll at Gyansetu and, together, let’s redefine your journey!


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