How can a B.Com graduate become a data scientist?

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A student can also study data science if they take the mandatory lessons. While bachelor degrees aren’t an immediate visa to a data science career, they can be incorporated with courses and boot camps to be worth enough to get a job. In addition, they utilise data science equipment, including Excel, which is a good fit. 

Why do Students Pursue Data Science Careers?

According to many reports, B. Com students frequently select data science employment for all types of reasons. Opposite to what many think, there are all kinds of resemblances between the two areas. If a student is curious about utilising their degree for data science, then they will have some very important explanations to do so.

Following are reasons why a B.Com graduate wants to pursue data science.

  1. B.Com degrees have a lot of overlap with data science. For instance, they both utilise prominent programs, like Microsoft Excel. If they are enthusiastic about attempting either field, then understanding the fundamentals of several Office programs will be a tremendous benefit.
  2. Commerce and data function hand-in-hand. They both need proficiency in data, comprising collection methods, altering data into information, and storage. There’s a good opportunity that their career will also overlap, even if they don’t study data science with a degree.
  3. Selecting two career roads with the same bachelor’s degree will double your opportunities of getting employed. They will be quite restricted if they are only selecting jobs. Since data science careers are constantly in high demand, they will have a good opportunity of getting one of them while lasting a distinct job.
  4. Earning data science employment will vastly strengthen the resume. Even if they don’t want to do data science in the long run, accomplishing a few years of it can make it much simpler to get employed in their next job. The students might choose this career instead of returning to a employment.
  5. Data science employees frequently make twice as much cash as pupils do. If a student is after wealth, then there’s no suspicion that data scientists make outstanding earnings. Furthermore, they have better job insurance due to the previously restricted number of applicants. Financially, data science might be considered a wiser career.

How to Become a Data Scientist as a Student?

Data science proposes many career advantages, including high salaries, job insurance, and a constantly shifting work setting. These sound appealing; therefore, many students with a degree give a chance at a data science career. 

Following are the ways to pursue data science with a B. Com degree

Towards Data Science

Data Science indicates that a student can start by pursuing an online course or any Bootcamp. There are all kinds of choices, most of which amount to hundreds or thousands of rupees to apply. Still, they will get your cash’s worth if they are employed.

Complete their graduation.

Although it might be persuasive to go directly into an online lesson and resign from college, retaining the degree will drastically enhance their employment opportunities. In addition, a student with a degree and a course certificate constantly looks like a more promising choice to a student who barely did the course.

Learning all of the programs.

There’s no question that the students will only understand the fundamentals of data science assignments, but self-education is an outstanding option. Python, R, and several other helpful programs are free for all students to utilise and understand. In addition, they may discover many useful tutorials on YouTube for consideration.

Study and make data compilations.

It’s clever to understand how data is collected and stored. After utilising the tutorials and receiving the degree/certificate, a student should attempt to run a few trials. The students must remember to proceed with new data science employment, although learning data science in the meantime should not be stopped. 

Where to study data science? 

iClass GyanSetu is the leading institute of data science in India. There are many other demanding courses like machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, and much more here. 

So, data science is the most demanded course, and a B.Com graduate can also pursue it to avail the best benefits of it. 



Can B.COM students program in Python?

Anyone can take a Python course. It is especially beneficial for business students. As more data is generated, we must also have tools to extract information.

Can a B.Com student learn Java?

Nothing is stopping you from learning Java if you are interested.

Which programming language is best for business students?

Java programming language, macro, and C++ (this helps with excel).

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