Becoming a Salesforce Developer: Training Paths and Certification

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Salesforce is a prominent customer relationship management, also known as a CRM platform that assists companies in strengthening their work efforts and fostering robust relationships with their clients. Some companies might have certain employees designated for maintaining the Salesforce platform of their company called developers.

It is a very interesting job position with a lot of growth and scope, but many people don’t fully understand what the title means. So this article covers the discussion of what being a Salesforce developer means, what roles and responsibilities the title includes, etc.

Who Is a Salesforce Developer?

Developers are the ones who create various kinds of applications for a company or business. Developers who write the code on the Salesforce platform through programming languages such as JavaScript, Lightning Web Components, Aura, Apex, etc., are called Salesforce Developers. It is one of the most demanding positions in the Salesforce industry.  

What are the roles And responsibilities of a Salesforce developer?

The role of a Salesforce Developer is to understand the unique functionality of a platform and then tailor the app according to the requirements of the client with the help of formats or coding. These developers wield tools like Apex, Aura, Visualforce, and Lightning Component to develop apps.

Here are some responsibilities of a Salesforce developer job position.

  1. A salesforce developer is required to substantiate a company’s business requirements with outstanding functionality.
  2. They should be able to procure tailored solutions with the help of the Salesforce platform.
  3. They must have sharp analytical skills to easily handle any prerequisite gatherings by generating functional estimation.
  4. Developers must also have great communication skills so they can effectively interact with clients, project managers, and architects, therefore ensuring productive participation in the process of software development.
  5. They must also be able to identify any kind of bugs in the system.
  6. Salesforce developers must understand the importance of time management and timely implementation, as well as follow help in completing development goals on time.
  7. The Salesforce Developer is responsible for application development and helping the team.
  8. Senior developers are also responsible for team-building activities and along with giving proper training to beginners or junior developers.
  9. Along with helping develop new apps, software developers are responsible for sustaining the existing operating applications and their upgrades.

How To Become A Salesforce Developer?

  • Get a degree

Basic education is the pillar of recognition and promotion. So a graduation degree is quite important. It’s better if you can major in subjects such as software engineering, computer science, maths, statistics, etc. If you can earn a master’s degree, then you can also open the door for even better opportunities or make you stand out from other candidates.

  • Become A Salesforce Admin

Becoming a Salesforce admin is one of the most important steps to becoming a leading Salesforce developer. You need to have a great understanding of the platform, and you can take an online course to learn more about the features and functions of a Salesforce developer. You can also opt for an internship at a software company that will help you prepare to work in this field.

  • Make a blueprint 

After becoming a dedicated admin, it is time to create a blueprint for your salesforce developer career. You can learn about the following topics:

  • The concept of OOP in programming language
  • Apex Fundamental & Apex Trigger
  • Working with Java Script to become a promising lightning developer
  • Salesforce UI elements such as LWC and Aura.
  • Various kinds of development tools that will make your work easier and boost productivity. Try to get acquainted with DevOps and GIT Salesforce deployment.
  • After learning the basics of Apex and UI development, you can learn about different Design patterns and frameworks.
  • If you aim to become a leader in your field, you must become a good architect and develop a thorough awareness of problems and ways to solve them.


  • Consultants techniques 

Here are some Salesforce 5 basic consultant skills you need to practice to become a leading Salesforce developer.

  • Great communication Style
  • Effective Listening
  • Understanding the process of business
  • Proficient knowledge of the industry 


  • Earn Salesforce certifications

There are several courses available online that provide official training for credible certifications. This will help you in developing your proficiency in Salesforce Admin and exhibit your expertise in front of your employers. Some popular certification courses include:

  • CertifiedSalesforce Administrator
  • Certified Advanced Salesforce Administrator
  • Certified Salesforce App Builder
  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant


  • Get a PDI Certification

Another prominent certification in the salesforce industry is the Salesforce Platform Developer I or (PDI) Certification. This certification substantiates your understanding of creating and deploying client or customer interfaces and company logic with the help of the Lightning Program, as well as utilizing declarative vs. programming techniques and expanding the Lightning Platform through Apex and Visualforce.

After you’re done with this, you can ponder about pursuing the next level of this level certification, Salesforce Platform Developer II, also known as (PDII) Certification. This symbolizes that an individual has advanced or high-level programming skills with data modeling and Salesforce Platform.

  • Networking with Salesforce experts

You should consider joining a Salesforce developer group or community group. You can either do it physically or virtually through online forums. This will help you become a part of a group full of salesforce developers whose advice you can take on complex coding problems or help you be informed about potential job opportunities.

Best Online Courses to Become a Salesforce Developer 

Here are some of the best online salesforce developer training courses available in 2023 that will help you in training to become a Salesforce developer.

This course teaches the basics of programming by wielding the apex programming language for creating the salesforce software’s back-end, as well as some of the progressive techniques like inheritance, triggers, etc.

This course covers the concepts from scratch and is, therefore, a great choice for individuals who don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of programming. The course is divided into two sections, where the first section teaches how to program with apex, and the next section teaches certain advanced methods or programming methods like DML statements, etc

  • Salesforce Developer with Visualforce Training

Gyansetu’s Salesforce Developer Training will turn you into a Salesforce expert, focusing on administration and development concepts. You’ll learn about essential building blocks like data models, security, and automation and explore modules like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Additionally, you’ll master reporting tools, Salesforce1, Apex, VisualForce, and various integration methods.

After completing the training, you’ll be well-prepared for Salesforce Certifications in Administration and App Building. To ensure you’re job-ready, Gyansetu have included practical capstone projects based on real industry scenarios, helping you succeed in interviews.

This comprehensive course covers advanced topics in a classroom or online instructor-led setting with recorded sessions. They don’t just teach; we prepare you for a successful career in Salesforce development.

  • Complete Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Course

It is one of the best online certification courses for Salesforce developers to boost your career. It covers topics such as Data Modeling and Management, Salesforce Fundamentals, Process Automation and Logic, User Interface, evaluation, debugging, as well as deployment of Tools. The course also includes several quiz questions that will help you prepare.

  • Apex Academy: Fundamental Salesforce Coding Techniques

This course is offered by Pluralsight and is not designed for beginners or people completely new to programming. However, it is very well planned for people with knowledge and experience of programming because it teaches how to wield the apex programming language for creating salesforce applications.

It starts from the basics like variables, if statements, loops, etc., and moves on to refined techniques like SOQL and DML. However, you need to subscribe to the Pluralsight platform to access this course. However, you can use their 10-day free trial to see if the training course suits you.

  • Salesforce Developer Training with real-time project

This is another great online course for salesforce developer training. It creates various kinds of real-world or live projects through the Apex programming language for designing a full salesforce application.

It will cover topics such as creating an apex rest Web Service, as well as developing a conference management application by using VisualForce and Javascript to create the pages.

  • Salesforce 101: Introduction to Salesforce

This course is offered by Udemy and introduces learners to the salesforce industry and the salesforce developer role. It is a highly recommended alternative for beginners. It covers topics such as understanding Salesforce cloud services, how the industry has evolved over the years, and the scope it holds now.

  • SalesForce Developer: Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

This is another popular and effective course offered by Udemy. What makes this course different from the others is that it will teach you to program salesforce applications through the apex programming language and enforce artificial intelligence or AI into those applications.

Other programming languages, like Java and Python, are also used for programming these apps and AI methods such as image classification and natural language processing are used for developing extensive salesforce applications.


This was all about becoming a salesforce developer and the training options and certifications you can go for while training for the job. So, if the job position has intrigued you, then you can start your journey right now.

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