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What if we told you that the future is in the cloud?

Well, it isn’t entirely presumptuous to state that.  The rise in the field of cloud computing is a testament to this fact.  If you’re not convinced, here are some facts for you:

  • In informative research, Forbes reveals that 83% of an enterprise workload will be in the cloud by 2020.
  • Since 2012, cloud computing has grown five times in India.
  • Salesforce commands about 20%of the CRM market share.
  • Salesforce has been named the #1 CRM provider by IDC for the fifth time consecutively.
  • Salesforce is also considered #1 in sales applications, customer service applications and marketing applications.

Moreover, Major companies are investing heavily into cloud computing to leverage the ease of accessibility and better connectivity. If you don’t believe us, have a look at what L’Oréal Brazil has to say about Salesforce.

“Salesforce lets my company be ahead of the game every time. There is always a new solution that helps us to go one step further, always in a simple manner.” – Edilson A., IT Coordinator, L’Oréal Brazil

One of the most important aspects of business management where cloud computing is clearly winning is Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

Though, there is plenty of cloud-based CRM software available – Salesforce remains the top CRM provider.

Before we go any further, let us talk and how it came about. Salesforce no.1 CRM

Before we go any further, let us talk a little about Salesforce and how it came about.

What Is Salesforce?

In their own words, “Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) a platform for supercharging every part of your company that interacts with customers — including marketing, sales, commerce, service, and more.”

In simple words, Salesforce helps you serve your customers and take care of their queries by aligning every part of your business in a customer-centric approach.

It takes care of tasks like sending personalized messages to customers, integrating customer data on one platform keeps track of every customer interaction, etc.

Career in Salesforce

Thus, we can safely conclude that a future in Salesforce is, indeed, a bright future.

With the advent of digital media, technological skills are the most demanded skills in the job market. Most of the organizations understand the importance of CRM and are now shifting to Salesforce instead of their internal IT procedures.

Here are some facts regarding Salesforce jobs that will put your doubts to rest.

As per research conducted by IDC, there will be 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by the end of 2020.

  • Through these 3.3 million jobs, nearly 5 million indirect jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2020.
  •  Research conducted by IDC shows that 2 of the top 10 technical skills in demand are that of a Salesforce developer and admin.
  • As per data, more than 2,00,000 organizations depend on the Salesforce platform for their business.
  • As Salesforce is the first choice of many mid-level and small companies, Salesforce professionals have a huge scope in the freelance market as well.
  • A certified Salesforce professional earns over 25% more than their non-certified counterparts.
  • If you know Salesforce, there’re is no limit to what kind of work you can get to do. From core development as a Salesforce developer, a client-facing role of a Salesforce Administrator to a Salesforce whiz kid as a Salesforce architect – You can literally do it all.

Figure 1 – A look at the Average Salary of a Salesforce Developer in the US

So, you’re already a Salesforce professional and want to upgrade in your career. Here are two technologies that you don’t want to miss on.

Salesforce Lightning: Salesforce lightning is a Godsend for non-technical CRM users and does exactly what its name says – builds apps as fast as lightning with its component-based system

Now, you may ask us how. We will tell you.

  • With its app builder, you can build an app fast while using its drag and drop options for better customization.
  • Lightning process builder helps in automating complex processes with very few codes.
  • App exchange is the world’s biggest ecosystem for in-built apps where you don’t have to build an app from scratch.

Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein can put Sherlock Holmes to shame with its intelligence; albeit artificial. Artificial intelligence is the need of the hour and Salesforce Einstein makes this seemingly complex technology simple for us. It makes Salesforce the #1 CRM in the world. Let us tell you how –

  • It uses advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.
  • It analyzes every single customer and self-tune with every interaction.
  • It discovers insights, predicts future behavior, and recommends the next best action.

How to Learn SALESFORCE in Easiest Way

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, a basic introduction and training in Salesforce is required to kick start your career.

It must be noted that every individual has a different learning style. Some of us may be more compatible with self-learning while some of us may need an instructor-led classroom for better discipline and efficiency.

Let us explain every case step by step –


Let’s take the example of Miss Somashree. She has been working as a PHP developer.  Her organization is shifting to Salesforce for CRM and she is one of the members picked up for the initial transition. The challenge now is to transfer knowledge to Somashree and her team in an efficient manner

What do you think should be ideal for her?

Somebody like Miss Somashree is a disciplined professional and a responsible adult. Grasping new concepts will be easy for a well-prepared mind like hers but she may not like the rigidity and pattern of an instructor-based, full-fledged classroom.

In case such as these forms of learning may be beneficial –

  • On-the-job training where experienced professionals like Somashree can learn the new technology in a practical manner.
  • Workshops organized by their organizations where they learn the basics and get their queries resolved.
  • On-site Seminars conducted with experienced Salesforce professionals are also a great idea for knowledge sharing and creating a thorough understanding of new technology.
  • Salesforce is known for its strong community Salesforce world tour including Salesforce basecamp is a great platform to learn Salesforce and get yourself acquainted with new developments in Salesforce.


There’s a friend I have who is trying to build a career in IT industry. Let’s call him Anuroop. Anuroop completed his engineering in computer science and has been working as a developer for the past 1 year. His core language is Java.

He was introduced to Salesforce in a seminar which he attended with one of his friends. He found the technology interesting and decided to learn it for advancement.

However, Anuroop does not want to leave his job. Thankfully, for someone like Anuroop, there are plenty of online training and classes available.

Let us have a quick look at the type of online training available for Salesforce.

  • Salesforce is known for its fun training program called Trailhead. It is a fun way to learn Salesforce. Trailhead is free and has the biggest resource for anyone grappling with Salesforce – a beginner or a professional.
  • However, there’re plenty of other online portals that impart the same knowledge in a more structured and guided manner. But, why would you choose online training? Well, here’s why –
  • 24/7 access to the material.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Self–Assessment tests.
  • Expert guidance
  • And most importantly, a certificate.


There is no denying that teaching is best done in a classroom setup. Classroom teaching leads to more engagement and discussions. The classroom training can be divided on the basis of job or cloud in Salesforce.  Here’s a list of reasons why you should make some tie for classroom training.

  • With a group of people, one learns more about their strengths and weaknesses and can solve their queries easily.
  • Classroom training also helps in establishing a professional network which is very important for knowledge management and the advancement of learning.
  • The amount of knowledge and exposure that you can cover during instruction-led classroom training compensates for the cost and the time spent.
  • With live projects and assignments, one can also apply the learned concepts to get a better feel.


Training and learning are an extremely personal choice that depends on many factors like – time, money, and the level of experience one already has. Fortunately, Salesforce is a technology that has a vast resource of learning material on the World Wide Web. You can take Salesforce Training.

With the help of available sources, one can easily brush up their knowledge, learn about new developments and even start from scratch.  With the advancement of technology, one can find support, answer to their queries and even proper guidance.

However, some of us find ourselves better suited with a well-defined structure and under the guidance of a learned tutor. Classroom training helps you hone your skills in an organized and traditional manner.

A beginner generally chooses classroom training as it helps in community building, fair assessment, and clear guidance.

In the end, we would like to say that Salesforce is an ocean whose depth can easily be explored with the help of the resources available, all you need to do is find your compatible guide.

May Salesforce be with you.

Gyansetu Team

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