Top 5 Most in demand IT Job Skills You Need for the Future

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The world is changing around us. In the past years if something has changed drastically then it is the IT & Software Industry. We have more processing power than ever before, what else do we have more? With the booming IT industry.

  • We have more jobs and requirements of skilled IT professionals.
  • There is an IT startup coming up on Kick starter (World’s largest funding platform for creative projects) every other day, 30% of which reach the target they desire in the first year and then they expand.
  • Startups like these create more jobs in the IT industry and a real requirement for some skilled and experienced IT professionals.
  • If you have the relevant skills in this industry, then there is for sure nothing stopping you from getting into a good place.

If you will have these 5 Hottest skills most in Demand that we are disclosing in the article, you will be a resource that every Tech giant would want.

1) AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML(Machine learning)

  • These skills are hands down the most valued skill to possess if you are looking for a good job in the industry.
  • Knowledge of AI and ML will get you places. The field is heavily understaffed and there is a big void of supply-demand that is waiting to be filled.
  • The reason that Python is specifically preferred by the tech giants is that it can be easily implemented. To code in Python is efficient and smooth.

2) AWS Cloud


  • AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. Amazon provides with highest quality cloud-based computing and data storage/manipulation services.
  • Cloud computing is like the on-demand delivery of computing power, data storing capabilities and IT resources. It shifts the computing load of a website to a remote server rather than putting the load on the end-user machine
  • A person skilled with the knowledge of how to use these services to make powerful and efficient websites is required to handle all the complexities of the process.
  • Thus explaining why this is skill is required, almost every business, organization needs to operate a website to connect with customers/users. The pay scale is good, and demand is ever growing with the growing reach of AWS.

3) Data Analytics (using Excel):-

  • Well, every business, every organization or every Tech company, would all like to store the data of their own. The database could contain anything from company information to information related to statistics of business.
  • This data is needed to analyze in order to increase production efficiency, employee efficiency, and greater customer/user satisfaction. Thus, Data analytics is crucial for a business.
  • Microsoft Excel is one of the most selected tools that businesses across the globe prefer to use. Having expertise in this software could make you a wanted person, obviously for good purposes. Though this isn’t as high paying as Big data or ML, one could still expect a decent package and pay scale for start in Career.

4) Big Data Hadoop:



  • Well, It is easy to start and it includes the involvement of programming frameworks that includes many programming languages like Java, SQL, Linux, Spark, Python or Scala, however, nothing can replace one’s job if one has the ability to think outside of the box.
  • In fact, as per 75% of IoT providers, this job demands a high amount of expertise. 68% of them are in search of relevant skilled employees.
  • Big data is basically analyzing large and huge amounts of data and finding a trend or a pattern in them.
  • This pattern can then be used for different purposes like predictions and analysis of the growth of a company or country.

5) Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing actually provides small and medium businesses with the chance to compete and attract their share of traffic.
  • Business owners in coming years will shift marketing budget allocations from traditional media channels to the internet which makes a very good chance for people who want to build up their career in this field.
  • Digital marketing helps people make use of strategies and techniques that attract traffic which delivers desired results for the company.
  • The right kind of traffic targeting is what Digital Marketing is all about. The job of people who work in this fragment of the IT industry is to ensure what survival strategy is best for other person’s business.
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