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Corporates run on the cloud.

Have you wondered how borderless and connected the world has become today? Isn’t it amazing how you can drop your file on the internet and it remains safe in its abyss? Yes, the internet and cloud computing has made this possible.

Cloud computing makes running of the application, storage of data and provision of IT services possible via the internet. It helps is saving time, cost and provides the right amount of flexibility to run a modern business.  No wonder that every organization, be it big or small, is on a cloud computing adoption spree.

If you want to understand the importance of cloud in today’s scenario, you must have a look at the following statistics –

  • Almost 90% of companies use the cloud in 2019.
  • The global cloud computing market will reach approximately $623.3 billion by 2023.
  • The global Public cloud computing market will generate a revenue of around $258 billion in 2019.
  • By 2021, 94% of the workload will be processed in cloud data centers.

Cloud computing is the definite future of technology, business management and customer service.

In this article, we will explore why cloud computing is the first choice for organizations and how it can create a great career for you.


All of us have heard this word thrown around a lot. Yet, not everyone understands what exactly cloud computing is.

“Cloud” is referred to as the internet which helps allow a plethora of services like web hosting, data storage, data sharing, and customer services.

The most effective and popular examples of cloud computing services are

a) Google Drive and

b) Dropbox.


Cloud computing requires two important components to make it work –

  • Front end or users
  • Back end or the service providers, computers and other infrastructure required
  • Of course, the internet


Source – https://www.fastmetrics.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/how-cloud-computing-works.png

Cloud computing allows a hardware-free provision of various services but it does require some networking hardware. Cloud Computing service providers like Amazon web services and Microsoft maintain such network-connected hardware while the users utilize the service as per their need.


“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.” – Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware

  • COST- EFFECTIVE: Before cloud computing, an organisation had to spend money on developing and maintain elaborate infrastructure. With cloud computing, you pay only for the services as you consume them and the variable expenses involved.
  • EASY DEPLOYMENT: Cloud computing makes deployment a process of few clicks and even fewer minutes. You can deploy your application and data in few seconds without undergoing a complex and time taking process.
  • EXTREMELY ELASTIC: Cloud computing provides high scalability. You do not have to maintain heavy structure in anticipation of peak activity in your business. You can use the number of resources you need and can always scale up or down if required.

The world is faster, more connected and extremely unpredictable. Cloud computing helps you deal with the modern problems that come with modern business models.


Every company is using the cloud in one way or the other. Cloud computing has become more of a necessity than a choice. Hence, the demand for cloud computing professionals is only going to rise.

Let us show you why you should be obtaining a cloud computing certificate –


As per reports, India will generate more than 1 million jobs in cloud computing by 2020. Indian cloud computing market is growing by an annual growth rate of over 30% and will reach $4 billion by 2020. A quick glance at any job portal will tell you how there’re thousands of jobs available in cloud computing.

In fact, as per Indeed.com,  there are more than 25,000 jobs available for AWS alone in the US. Hence, carving a path in cloud services is the best option right now.


The salary of an average cloud engineer begins from $104 k and goes upto $205k depending upon skills, experience and certification. As per IDC, half of the IT expense will be spent on the cloud. This “half” will be 60-70% of the entire expense.
cloud computing salary

Clearly, getting the right certification in cloud computing can help you earn better and have a more satisfying career in technology.


The skill gap in the cloud computing industry is quite glaring. As per research, there is a lack of certified and trained professionals. Companies are ready to hire and pay handsomely to properly trained professionals with the right certifications. Thus, a career in cloud computing with certification can help you have a fulfilling and secure career

To put it in a condensed manner, cloud computing is running the show right now and will continue to do is. In order to be ahead of the crowd and win this race, you need to gear up and join the cloud computing workforce right now.

Before you ask how to let us show you the way.


Your cloud computing certification can be your ticket to success. Cloud computing works on various service providers. All of them have a certification for varied roles.

As you qualify for these certifications, you give employers a new reason to have you on board. These certifications vouch for your proficiency and fast-forward your growth perspectives


We’ll begin in the ascending order –


Google is one of the world’s biggest cloud service providers. A Google certified professional is known for their expertise and skill in designing, managing and creating cloud solutions on GCP or Google Cloud Platform.

The average salary for a cloud architect in the US is reported to be $164 K. plus, it keeps growing with experience.


Salesforce technical architect proves a candidate’s competencies in the vast development platforms of Salesforce.

A Salesforce technical architect is an expert in assessing the requirements of the customers and building high-performance technical solutions to address those demands and requirements.

As per ZipRecruiter, a Salesforce certified Salesforce technical architect can earn around $163K and reach up to $208K.

If you want to know more about Salesforce, check out our blog What is Salesforce and How to learn it in the easiest way.


For those specializing in IBM, this certification can lend you credibility and help you land a job where you can architect, design and plan IBM solutions.

For this certificate, candidates must clear the exam “C1000-017-IBM Cloud Solutions Architect v3. One must be well aware of the IBM clouds’ architectural principles, concepts and technical solutions.

As per Glassdoor, an IBM certified Cloud Solutions Architect can earn anything from $134k to $190k.


Let’s speak about the elephant in the room, the big cat or the king of the jungle. Yes, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the undisputed king of cloud computing. It provides 11 certifications ranging from foundation to professional level. An AWS-certified professional will surely give you the epitome of your career.

AWS and DevOps are the leading game-changers of the cloud industry. So here are 5 Reasons for Choosing AWS with DevOps.

Our suggestion is to go for AWS certification. We tell you why

  • Amazon Web Services are the market leader of cloud computing. It owns nearly half of the public cloud infrastructures and it has outpaced all its competitors in growth. Since its inception, it has only shown massive growth. Thus, it is better to be certified by the industry leader in cloud computing.
  • Amazon Web Services have a gradual and understandable certification available. Unlike its many competitors, AWS tests begin with the fundamentals. Even if you’re new to the field, you can obtain a certificate related to your level of skills and knowledge.
  • Needless to say, AWS is one the highest-paying framework in cloud computing. A certification be them can help you negotiate a better salary and thereby, secure a better future for you.

AWS has the biggest market share and is known for paying the highest salaries. Our expert suggestion is to choose AWS over other certifications.


Cloud Computing is the hot-selling technology and every year after this. Sooner or later, every company will utilize cloud services for multiple purposes.

As a professional, you must be ready to take over the industry with the right knowledge and certifications. Getting a certification validates your expertise and provides weightage to your resume.

Thus, without further ado, you should get your first certification, especially in AWS.

As you know, to win the race, you must learn from the winners. Amazon is the ultimate winner and their cloud computing certification will help you run faster.

If you’re interested in getting a certification, don’t forget to check out our AWS Certification Training. And, yes, please let us know your thoughts.

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